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Pilot and airside safety

As part of the delivery of safe and efficient operations we support pilots and other airspace users to operate safely. We monitor and analyse operational intelligence that informs us of current and emerging risks. We relay that information to airspace users to incorporate into pre-flight and in-flight practice.

Find out more about:

  • current and emerging risks
  • where risks have recently occurred
  • what you can do to mitigate them
Two pilots in a recreational aircraft.



Managing Search and Rescue times (SARTIME) and cancelling them at the end of a flight is a critical responsibility of pilots in command. It ensures that Airservices and emergency response authorities such as the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) know that you've arrived safely. It also prevents unnecessary search and rescue operations - a highly resource intensive, and at times costly, process.

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Pre-flight preparation

Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP)

AIP Australia consists of a package of documents which provides all of the operational information necessary for the safe and efficient conduct of national (civil) and international air navigation throughout Australia and its States and Territories.


Safety publications

Including Safety Bulletins which provide important advice on emerging safety issues.

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Airservices is at the forefront of Australian aviation. We are uniquely connected to all parts of the industry and offer exciting and innovative work across a range of operational and corporate roles.

Career paths on offer at Airservices include
Air Traffic Control, Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting, information technology, corporate support and more.