1. General Terms of Use

1.1 General

These terms of use, including the terms set out below, the copyright restriction, Airservices Australia’s privacy policy, and any further terms and conditions applying to specific Airservices Australia Website ("Website") content ("Terms of Use"), apply to the use of the Website, the content of the Website, and any secure or subscription services accessed through the Website ("Services").

In these Terms of Use, use of the terms "Airservices Australia", "us", "our" or "we" refers to Airservices Australia ABN 59 698 720 886 of Alan Woods Building, 25 Constitution Avenue, Canberra  2601 as the owner of the Website, and the terms "you" and "your" refer to the user or viewer of the Website.

By accessing or using the Website, you agree to the Terms of Use on behalf of yourself and/or the organisation on whose behalf you are accessing the Website, and you warrant that you are authorised to do so.

We may change these Terms of Use at our discretion and without notice. By continuing to use the Website, you accept the Terms of Use as they apply from time to time. A copy of the current Terms of Use is displayed on the Website at all times. Your use of this Website and any dispute arising out of such use is subject to the laws of the Australian Capital Territory.

1.2 Limitations on use of Website

It is a condition of you using this Website that you and the organisation that you represent do not:

  • defame, abuse, stalk, harass, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights of others, including rights relating to privacy;
  • transmit any message, data, image or program which is indecent, obscene or pornographic;
  • use the Website or the Website content (including email addresses) to transmit unsolicited commercial electronic messages not directly related to Airservices Australia’s business;
  • transmit any message, data, image or program that would violate the property rights of others, including unauthorised copyrighted text, images or programs, trade secrets or other confidential proprietary information;
  • interfere with the rights of others to use the Services;
  • transmit any file which contains viruses, worms, “Trojan horses”, adware, spyware, self-executing code or any other contaminating or destructive features ("malware");
  • use the facilities and capabilities of the Services to conduct, or solicit the performance of, any illegal activity;
  • impersonate or falsely represent your association with any person or organisation;
  • use, reproduce, sell, resell or otherwise exploit any of the Services for commercial purposes except where this is expressly permitted (for example, under a separate license agreement entered into between you and Airservices Australia);
  • attempt to modify, adapt, translate, sell, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble any portion of this Website, including the use of automated tools; or
  • access or attempt to access information resources you are not authorised to use.

Any use of Website information for operational or commercial purposes must be expressly authorised by Airservices Australia. For more information, contact the relevant section of Airservices Australia, or obtain the appropriate Airservices Australia Publication.

1.3 Disclaimers and limitation of liability

The Website content is for general information purposes only. While Airservices Australia has taken reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of the Website content, unless we expressly agree otherwise with you in a separate written agreement, Airservices Australia disclaims all representations and warranties regarding the currency, completeness, accuracy, reliability, performance, suitability and/or availability of the Website content, and you acknowledge that your use of the Website content is strictly at your own risk.

To the extent permitted by law, Airservices Australia disclaims all liability for any loss, damage, expense and costs incurred by any person arising out of accessing, downloading, using or relying on any material from the Website. Where any law implies a warranty into these Terms of Use which may not be lawfully excluded, then to the maximum extent permitted by law, Airservices Australia's liability for breach of the warranty will, at our option, be limited to the supply of the Services again, or the payment of the cost of having them supplied again.

You agree to release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless, Airservices Australia and its employees, contractors and officers from all loss, liabilities, damages, costs, claims and expenses (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) that arise directly or indirectly from your breach of the Terms of Use and your activities in connection with the use of this Website and any of the Services.

1.4 Links to other websites

Links to other websites are included in the Website for convenience only and do not constitute Airservices Australia's endorsement of material at those websites or any associated organisation, product or service. Linked websites are not under the control of Airservices Australia, and Airservices Australia is not responsible for the content of any linked website or any link contained in a linked website, or changes or updates to such websites. You agree that you access and use linked websites at your own risk.

You must not create or maintain any link from another website to this Website without our written consent. To obtain consent, please contact us via the contact form. Make sure you select the relevant subject matter in the drop-down menu.

Airservices Australia is not responsible to you or anyone else for any loss suffered in connection with accessing or using any linked websites, except as we expressly agree with you in a separate written agreement. This includes, but is not limited to, the transmission of any malware. Airservices Australia recommends that prior to using any downloaded files you carry out an appropriate virus check.

1.5 Account holders

Some Services may require that you register with Airservices Australia to obtain a username and password that can be used to log in to access content or secure facilities. It is your responsibility to protect your password from disclosure to unauthorised individuals. If you sign up for a username and password, you agree to be responsible for:

  • all activities that occur under your username and password;
  • maintaining the confidentiality of your password and the secure information disclosed to you;
  • changing your password on a regular basis;
  • contacting us if your password becomes known to unauthorised personnel;
  • contacting us to change your password if personnel who know the password leave the organisation;
  • contacting us if your username, password or shared secrets have been lost, stolen or otherwise compromised; and
  • logging out at the end of each session.

1.6 Security and malware

The effective management and security of this Website requires that usage is occasionally monitored, and analysed for evidence of misuse and attempted or actual security breaches. If you violate these Terms of Use, including by unauthorised or improper usage, Airservices Australia may record these activities and take appropriate action against you or, where applicable, an account you hold with Airservices Australia. This action can range from issuing a warning, to the termination of your account or access. Airservices Australia reserves the right to report any offence to the proper authorities.

You acknowledge that the internet is an insecure public network which means there are risks that information sent to or from the Website may be intercepted, corrupted or modified by third parties. In addition, files obtained from or through the Website may contain malware. You agree that you bear the risks and responsibility for any loss or damage caused, directly or indirectly, by these risks.

1.7 Data formats and email

Airservices Australia's fax machines use A4 paper and print in black not colour.

Airservices Australia will generally accept email correspondence. Certain transactions may require identification of an individual, which may preclude a transaction being conducted electronically. You should confirm requirements with the relevant area of Airservices Australia.

Airservices Australia will direct email replies to the email address from which the communication was sent unless an alternative email address or form of communications is specified (for example, in a relevant agreement between you and Airservices Australia).

All electronic addresses of Airservices Australia and its employees published on this Website are for business purposes only. Airservices Australia and its employees do not consent to receiving unsolicited commercial electronic messages not directly related to Airservices Australia's business.

Airservices Australia currently employs PMDF, Microsoft Exchange Server and MS Outlook in its email system. These systems enable us to process the vast majority of modern email types and attachments. Attachment types can be in any standard format, including but not limited to MS Office, Word Perfect, JPG, GIF, BMP, MPEG, AVI.

Airservices Australia employs an email content management system to scan all incoming and outgoing email. It is our corporate security policy to strip all common executable formats, including but not limited to .exe, .vbs, .bat, .pif etc. Please note that the receipt and dispatch of image and multimedia files is reviewed and may be blocked by Airservices Australia's system as they are received, should any issue  regarding their content be raised. The receipt of all other attachment types is logged by the system for future reference if required.

Total incoming email message size (including headers and attachments) is limited to 4Mb. Encryption of attachments, if used, should be discussed with the intended recipient before sending, however, PGP or any self-extractive archive is preferred. Winzip is the corporate standard for compression.

1.8 Flight data

Airservices Australia collects flight data which includes the registration of an aircraft, its location, flight plan and other information relevant to the conduct of flight within the Australian Flight Information Regions (FIR). Airservices Australia stores this information on its internal databases and may provide this data to third party entities operating live flight tracking data services, and other entities such as airlines,  airports and entities involved in ensuring the efficiency of the air traffic system in Australia. It will not provide any personal information or customer data in the provision of these services.

3. Privacy Policy

3.1 Overview

Airservices Australia recognises the importance of protecting the privacy of information collected about visitors to our Website, in particular information that is capable of identifying an individual ("Personal Information").

This privacy policy governs the manner in which Personal Information on the Website, will be collected, used and stored.

You can read our full Privacy Policy online.

3.2 Site visit data

When visiting this Website, a record of your visit is logged. The following information is recorded for statistical purposes and is used by Airservices Australia to help improve the Website. This information is supplied by your browser:

  • your server address;
  • your operating system (e.g. Windows, MAC);
  • your top level domain name (e.g.com, .gov, .au)
  • the date and time of your visit to the Website;
  • the pages accessed and the documents downloaded;
  • the previous site visited; and
  • the type of browser used.

No attempt will be made to specifically identify you except in the very unlikely event of an irregularity being detected that requires further official enquiries by Security and Crisis Planning within Airservices Australia. A law enforcement agency may also exercise their legal authority to inspect the logs of Airservices Australia.

3.3 Customer data

Airservices Australia collects customer data which includes the name, address and aircraft registration details of the relevant aircraft. Airservices Australia stores customer data on its internal databases and will use customer data for the following limited purposes:

  • maintaining currency of aircraft user information;
  • monitoring aircraft movements; and
  • assessing aircraft charges.

3.4 Cookies

Cookies are pieces of information that a website can transfer to your computer hard drive for record keeping. Some sections of this Website use cookies. These cookies are session-based and store your user name and ID for the duration of the session. When you close your browser the session cookie is destroyed so that the information does not remain on your computer after the internet session finishes.

3.5 Collection of Personal Information

There are a number of other types of Personal Information that Airservices Australia may collect and store. Treatment of personal information will vary depending on the type and purpose of the personal information collected, but will always be use in a manner consistent with applicable privacy laws in Australia. Please refer to the Airservices Australia Privacy Policy.

3.6 Problems or questions

If you have any privacy or security concerns, please contact us via email at legal@airservicesaustralia.com or write to:

Airservices Australia
GPO Box 367
Canberra ACT 2601