The NOTAM Originator portal contains guidance and reference material to enable NOTAM authorised persons to meet their CASR 175 requirements.

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6 April 2022

Join the growing group of aeronautical data originators (ADO) who have discovered the ease of managing their NOTAM requirements through the NOTAM Web Service (NWS), a module available upon request on the NAIPS Internet Service.

With NWS, NOTAM authorised persons no longer need to email PDF forms to the NOTAM office. Instead, they directly enter the information in a web form within the NAIPS Internet Service that delivers the NOTAM proposal directly to the NOTAM Office for verification and promulgation. This results in NOTAM being published more efficiently and mitigates the risk of transactional errors when using the PDF form. Active NOTAM can be reviewed (replaced) and cancelled at the ease of a mouse click.

NWS is currently being used by about 20% of certified aerodromes. In addition, NWS is used by organisations such as CASA, Airservices, the Australian Defence Force and RPAS and LiDAR operators.

For further information, refer to a short instructional video that provides an overview of the NOTAM Web Service functionality. Alternatively, refer to the NOTAM Web Service User Guide for further guidance.

Access to NWS is managed at NOTAM Group level. To sign up, please have the NOTAM group manager contact us at nws@airservicesaustralia.com.

For further information about establishing your organisation as an ADO with NOTAM requirements, please contact the Airservices ADO Team on ado@airservicesaustralia.com.

NOTAM authorised persons

NOTAM authorised persons are individuals nominated by the ADO for the issuance, replacement and cancellation of NOTAM. To register NOTAM authorised persons, the ADO must have a data product specification (DPS) in place with Airservices.

Please contact the Airservices ADO Team at ado@airservicesaustralia.com to initiate the DPS process.

Please note: Airservices ATS staff may originate a NOTAM on their own initiative, if the delegate is not available, provided that the information is essential for flight safety and/or conduct of flight operations.

Forms and documents

NOTAM Web Service User Guide
NOTAM Group Management User Guide
NOTAM Request Form version 13 (Click to download PDF) - 12 November 2020 - Current
NOTAM Data Quality Requirements for Aerodrome Operators (C-MAN0276)
NOTAM Data Quality Requirements for Airservices (C-MAN0277)
NOTAM Data Quality Requirements for Australian Defence Force (C-MAN0282)
NOTAM Data Quality Requirements for Blasting Operators (C-MAN0278)
NOTAM Data Quality Requirements for Bureau of Meteorology (C-MAN0279)
NOTAM Data Quality Requirements for CASA (C-MAN0280)
NOTAM Data Quality Requirements for CASR Part 173 Certified Instrument Procedure Design Organizations (C-MAN0296)
NOTAM Data Quality Requirements for LiDAR Operations (C-MAN0281)
NOTAM Data Quality Requirements for Sport Aviation (C-MAN0283)
NOTAM Data Quality Requirements for Unmanned Aircraft Operators (C-MAN0284)

Reference materials

Document Amendment Calendar (AIRAC cycle)
Obstacle Assessment Procedure

Originator responsibilities

The originator is responsible for:

  • completing all necessary coordination before providing the NOTAM Office with the information to be promulgated
  • verifying and validating the correctness and completeness of the NOTAM issued by the NOTAM Office.

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