Noise Complaints and Information Service (NCIS)

We are experiencing a high volume of enquiries at this time. As a consequence, we are taking longer than normal to provide written responses. We are endeavouring to respond to all complaints and enquiries as quickly as possible.

We manage complaints and enquiries about aircraft operations and Airservices Australia’s community engagement activities through our Noise Complaints and Information Service (NCIS). We use complaints and enquiries to help us identify operations of concern and possible opportunities for improvement.

When you contact us, please provide your contact details and as much information about your complaint or enquiry as possible.

You may choose to remain anonymous on the webform, or when calling or writing to us. To receive a response, we require some details including your suburb or location to identify the operations you are enquiring about and an email address to send the response to. By providing your details, we may also send you updates on relevant flight path changes and other Airservices activities in your area.

We will not respond to any submissions that contain threatening, abusive, discriminatory, racist, offensive, obscene, vulgar, profane and inflammatory language. Threatening or unlawful comments may be reported to the relevant state and federal authorities.


Temporary changes in operations

Adelaide Airport SA October 2023 to August 2024

Due to required works at the airport the main runway, Runway 05/23, will be closed periodically between October 2023 and August 2024 during the curfew hours. This will occur for up to six nights a week during this time, with aircraft operating on the cross runway when the works are occurring.
For more information please go to or contact

Adelaide SA from 5 February 2024

Sterile fruitfly release operations will commence over Adelaide on Monday 5 February for approximately 6 weeks. The sterile fruitflies will be dropped from an aircraft operating between 7am and 10am and from the approximate altitude of 500ft. Further information can be found at and for any questions about the release, or about fruitfly, the public can visit or call 1300 666 010

Brisbane Airport QLD 21 to 22 February 2024

Due to required works on the new parallel runway, Runway 01Left/19Right will be closed from 10pm on Wednesday 21 February to 5am on Thursday 22 February. All aircraft will operate on the legacy runway, Runway 01Right/19 Left, during this time.

Brisbane Airport QLD 28 February 2024

Due to required works at the airport the Legacy Runway, Runway 01Right/19Left, will be closed between 10am and 4pm on Wednesday 28 February. All aircraft will operate on the New Parallel Runway, Runway 01Left/19Right, during this time.

Melbourne Airport Works to March 2024 Update

Required maintenance works on the north/south runway, Runway 16/34, will continue until March 2024. This involves the closure of the runway up to five nights a week between 1am and 6am. During these times all aircraft will operate on the east/west runway, Runway 09/27.
Further information can be found at:

Melbourne Airport VIC 19 to 22 February 2024

Due to required works the east/west runway, Runway 09/27, will be closed between 9:30am and 4pm each day from Monday 19 February to Thursday 22 February. All aircraft will operate on the north/south runway during these times.

Sydney Airport NSW Runway Maintenance Work January to March 2024

Due to essential maintenance work on the main north/south runway, Runway 16Right/34Left will be closed between 11pm and 6am on up to 38 nights from 1 January until 31 March 2024. During these times the parallel north/south runway, Runway 16Left/34Right, will be used for operations.

Further information is available on the Sydney Airport website

Sydney Airport NSW January and February 2024

Due to required works at the airport the east/west runway, Runway 07/25, is closed until mid-February 2024. All aircraft operations will be on the two north/south parallel runways, Runway 16Right / 34Left and Runway 16Left / 34Right, during this time. Further information on works at Sydney Airport is available on the airport's website.

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Other complaints

NCIS is the Australian aviation industry’s main interface on civil aircraft noise and related issues for the community.

If you have an enquiry or complaint about military aircraft visit the Department of Defence website.

If you have a complaint that does not relate to aircraft noise, visit the Australian Government’s Aviation Complaints website to find the right place to direct your complaint.

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