Air Traffic Management

Controlling Australia's air traffic

We provide world-leading tower and approach services to manage the safe, orderly flow of aircraft into and out of Australia’s airspace.


Our air traffic controllers

Who manages the airspace?

Our air traffic controllers are responsible for keeping our skies safe. With specialised controllers operating across airport towers, terminals and en route, our eyes are on the sky at all phases of a flight, from terminal gate to terminal gate.

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How air traffic control works


Oceanic flight tracking

How airspace is managed

Who’s in control?

Separation standards

Our technology

Go-arounds and other ‘unusual’ activity

Impact of weather on operations

In-flight emergencies

OneSKY program

The future of Air Traffic Management

The OneSKY Australia program is an innovative example of next-generation technology in the aviation sector, delivering an advanced integrated air traffic management system between Airservices and the Department of Defence. It was developed to enhance the efficiency and security of air services, and support future air traffic growth.

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Air Traffic Controller

Our Air Traffic Controllers connect people with people. It’s a challenging yet rewarding role that plays a key part in helping us manage the arrival and departure of more than 156 million airline passengers every year - and we’re looking for people like you.

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Airservices has a unique role at the heart of Australia’s aviation industry, delivering world-leading services that support safe, efficient air traffic operations. We manage domestic and international aircraft, while providing air traffic control and aviation rescue, and fire fighting services at airports around the country.