What is OneSKY?

OneSKY Australia™ is the most complex transformation of air traffic management in Australian aviation history. It’s a partnership between Airservices and the Department of Defence, replacing existing air traffic management systems with an advanced integrated system known as the Civil Military Air Traffic Management System (CMATS). OneSKY Australia™ was established to deliver more efficient air services, support future air traffic growth and enhance national security. The program will deliver more than $1.2 billion of economic benefits to Australian airspace users over 20 years.

Flight paths in and out of Australia on the map of the world.


The future

Future-proofing Australia's air traffic management network through a modern, resilient, safe and secure air traffic management service which unites civil and military systems.


Centralised collaborative command and control

A national approach to the oversight and operation of Australian airspace for both military and civil use.


Broad utilisation of workforce

Flexibility for air traffic controllers to move easily between positions, geographical areas and work groups.


Optimised network and flight efficiency

A more flexible airspace construct to enable better management of traffic volumes for both military and civil operations.

Our team

Meet Joann Martins

Joann Martins is the CMATS Air Traffic Management Engineering Lead based in our Melbourne offices.

Joann’s team is responsible for engineering the future of air traffic control by designing a collaborative platform to ensure the safety, security and efficiency of Australian skies.

Artist impression drawing of the new operations centres.

Shaping the industry

Next generation technology

Airservices is delivering six advanced technology initiatives under the OneSKY Australia™ Program, harmonising Australia’s civil and military air traffic management into one seamless system that’s built to enhance the safety, efficiency and capacity of the Australian air traffic network.

Purpose built

World-class infrastructure

OneSKY is delivering purpose-built Airservices buildings to house and support CMATS and its associated operations room as Airservices transitions to the new system.

As the existing system must be maintained until CMATS is operational, establishing an alternate facility with independent systems ensures a seamless transition for airspace users without interruption to services.

Artist impression of exterior operations building.
Two pilots in cock pit flying about to take off from tarmac.


Enabling the benefits

Airservices is optimising the capabilities delivered through OneSKY Australia™ into practical solutions for Australian airspace users. These capabilities include business continuity, shared use airspace, improved productivity, trajectory based operations and route optimisation.

The numbers

What we are delivering

The critical infrastructure required to accommodate future growth in air traffic and enable airspace users to leverage environmental, capacity, efficiency and capability benefits.

Line graph alt


The economic benefit to airspace users over 20 years

Our purpose alt


The area in square kilometres that the new system will cover



The number of Airservices and Defence sites to use OneSKY technology

Advance technology alt


The number of high-tech jobs supported


Our partnership


Airservices is working in partnership with the Department of Defence to replace the legacy military air traffic control system (ADATS) with the first integrated Civil Military Air Traffic Management System (CMATS) and Airservices Defence OneSKY Tower (ADOT) solution.


One team

A national partnership approach to the management of civil and military air traffic


One system

A fully integrated civil and military air traffic management system


One sky

A Single Flight Data Region with Shared Use Airspace for both military and civil aircraft

Latest news


Discover the latest Airservices news, updates and announcements to stay in-the-know when it comes to the innovative work we’re doing for our community. We’ve curated some recent news articles so you can get to know us and our impact a little better.

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I am pleased to announce the appointment of Rob Sharp as Interim CEO of Airservices. His appointment reflects the Board’s recognition of the value that an expert, external perspective can bring in progressing the challenges and opportunities presented by Airservices’ significant business transformation programme. Rob will commence with the organisation on Monday 29 July 2024 and joins […]

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Work with us

Airservices is at the forefront of Australian aviation. We are uniquely connected to all parts of the industry and offer exciting and innovative work across a range of operational and corporate roles.

Career paths on offer at Airservices include
Air Traffic Control, Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting, information technology, corporate support and more.