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Connecting people with their world safely

Airservices Australia is responsible for the safety of 11 per cent of the world’s airspace. We are responsible for the safe and efficient management of Australia’s skies and the provision of aviation rescue fire fighting services at Australia’s busiest airports. We work closely with our customers and industry to support the long-term growth of the aviation industry.

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Working at Airservices Australia brings a variety of benefits. We operate in a critical sector of the aviation industry within a fast-paced and dynamic industry, guided by world-class technology.

In our industry, continual professional development and training opportunities are front and centre. This includes technical training, leadership development, and career progression pathways.

We offer competitive compensation and provision of salary packaging, including flexible work arrangements to attract and retain skilled professionals.

It’s an exciting time with opportunities to learn and grow as we continue to enhance the efficiency, capacity, and safety of airspace operations.

We are committed to fostering a supportive environment for our people and their families. Centred on family care and wellbeing, we continue to broaden our leave and family policies, so we can provide a safe and compassionate environment for our people, one where they feel supported in their careers and life.

Meet our team


Jasmyn Hewett, ARFF Recruit

Meet Jasmyn Hewett, an Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) recruit in our Melbourne Training Academy. 

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I come to work every day to help maintain safety in the skies.

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It's lovely to know that I play a part in people expanding their horizons.

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My name is Jasmyn Hewett. I'm an aviation rescue firefighting recruit.

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I just felt like I could do more, I could give more.

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It's something that I've always been passionate about, helping others serving my community, which is why I picked being a fire fighter in the first place. Yeah, it's a dream come true.

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The recruitment process is really fun. It's quite physically demanding. That's what the game is. So going in, you know what you have to do. We are fire fighters. We wanna be here. We wanna be putting out fires, search and rescue, rescuing people.

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The best thing for me has been meeting all these fantastic people, instructors included, a lot of great people trying to help a lot of great people.

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I feel like this is it for me. This is the career that I've always wanted. I'm part of a fantastic team and providing an essential service to keep people safe.

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Even if you never see us, no will be there all around you, like air.

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Sameer Khan, Technical Officer (Radio)

Meet Sameer Khan, a Technical Officer (Radio) based at Brisbane Airport.


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I love knowing my job helps dreams come true.

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I'm Sameer Khan, I'm an airways technical officer specialising in navigation and surveillance equipment.

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It's been a dream to do a job like this. It's very challenging. We like solving problems and fixing stuff. That is why we are here, to keep the airways safe, to keep the public safe, to help planes get where they're going.

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Our job requires us to be extremely focused, extremely aware of the situation, especially with what you're doing, with the equipment you're working with. You could be working with air traffic controllers and you could be working with the firers all at once at the same day, and it's the same problem. The end result is safe skies. I think that's what keeps them going every day.

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And though you still may never see us, know we'll be there, all around you, lifting you up like air.

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Naomi McQueen, Air Traffic Controller

Meet Naomi McQueen, one of our Air Traffic Controllers in the Sunshine Coast tower.

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There's no better feeling than knowing you help people travel safely from one place to the next.

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My name is Naomi McQueen. I'm an air traffic controller at the Sunshine Coast Tower for Airservices Australia.

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(ai traffic controller over the radio)

- Clear via Moolah 1 departure, runway 21.

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I assist with everything from international flights coming in from offshore to local joy flights.

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(ai traffic controller over the radio)

- Taxis, Lima Hotel, uniform for Essendon.

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I look after the airspace up to 4,500 feet and out to about 20 miles from Sunshine Coast. We take that responsibility really seriously. What we do is really part of keeping people safe. The procedures that we have and the way in which we work with the pilots and with the industry is really important to ensuring safety is maintained.

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I'm very proud to be an air traffic controller.

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Airservices Australia is responsible for 11% of the world's airspace. And although you may never see us, just know we'll be there all around you, lifting you up like air.

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Adam Hart, Air Traffic Control Trainee

Meet Adam Hart, an Air Traffic Control trainee based at our Melbourne Academy.

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Every day, I get to work with people who tirelessly collaborate, ensuring that people can travel safely and efficiently through Australian skies.

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My name's Adam. I'm a training air traffic controller here in the on-route sim in Melbourne.

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I've always been into aviation, even as a kid. I was studying to be a pilot. I was really interested from receiving air traffic services and what it was like providing those services. Found my way here. Very stringent process. It starts off with a theory course and then we start processing the console itself and then we start working through aircraft and learning kind of process aircraft.

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The coolest thing is the amount of workload that goes into it. It's a very brain active job. Constantly thinking, constantly working, constantly problem solving.

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(air traffic controller over radio)

Decent to flight level 180.

00:53 - 01:01

This is easily the most challenging thing I've done and once I've finished that and become an air traffic controller, it'll be the most rewarding experience I've ever encountered.

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And although you may never see us, just know we'll be there. All around you. Lifting you up.Like air.

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Jamie Lankford, AIS/Aeronautical Charting Specialist

Meet Jamie Lankford, an AIS/Aeronautical Charting Specialist.

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I'm really proud to be laying the foundations for the future of flight across Australia.

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My name is Jamie, I work at Airservices in the Aeronautical Charting Team.

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(gentle music builds)

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My purpose is to put aeronautical data on maps for pilots and controllers, helping keep the sky safe. It's a great team environment. We all do go above and beyond and make sure that the end product is safe and usable by pilots around the whole world, not just locally.

00:41 - 00:49

Pretty rewarding actually to sit back when you're going on a plane or seeing an aircraft fly over and go off and play a part in that aircraft, doing its thing.

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(plane engine)

00:50 - 01:08

Airservices manage navigation aids so aircraft can find where they're going, produce charts, aeronautical data. We've got aviation rescue firefighting, we've got air traffic controllers, a lot of airspace managers so it's actually quite a lot that keep the skies moving.

01:09 - 01:20

And although you may never see us, just know we'll be there, all around you, lifting you up like air.

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Kyran Hine, Technical Officer (Radio)

Meet Kyran Hine, a Technical Officer (Radio) based at Brisbane Airport.


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I feel incredibly proud helping to connect the aviation industry, keeping people safe as they fly across the sky.

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My name is Kyran Hine and I am a radio technician for Airservices Australia.

00:18 - 00:36

I love my job a lot. You know what sort of impact you have. Take the ILS for instance. It assists when the weather's poor, knowing that we've kept that equipment operating. The pilot when he's operating on that system is a hundred percent confident that he's gonna touch down safely each and every time.

00:38 - 00:53

I wanted to do a job that was technical, but with my hands. At the time my dad was a fire fighter for Airservices and I'm here today to carry on the name. He said, "I've just had a daughter and maybe she can become an air traffic controller and we can have the trifecta." (laughing)

00:55 - 01:09

I think that's the great thing about Airservices is there's so many interconnecting cogs and there's a huge sense of camaraderie, all playing our part to make the wheel in the sky keep churning.

01:10 - 01:21

And although you may never see us, just know we'll be there, all around you, lifting you up like air.

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