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Pilot tools

Safety is Airservices number one consideration and the delivery of safe and efficient operations is core to our business. To fulfil our safety commitment, Airservices has implemented a Safety Management System (SMS) which consists of the policies, requirements, procedures and activities by which we manage safety and minimise risks.


Flight briefing

NAIPS Internet service

The National Aeronautical Information Processing System (NAIPS) is a multi-function, computerised, aeronautical information system. It processes and stores meteorological and NOTAM information as well as enables the provision of briefing products and services to pilots and the Australian Air Traffic Control platform.


Pilot and airside safety

This section includes information about our safety programs, safety publications and our safety calendar. It also allows us to provide you with information to not only make your flight safer, but to give you an understanding of how we work, which will improve the efficiency of your respective flying operations and highlight that we are an important part of your ‘crew’ who can assist you during your flight.

Emirates at Sydney Airport

Flight briefing tools

Independent visual approaches

Off air route flight planning options

Precision Runway Monitor

Aeronautical Information Management (AIM)


NOTAM Originator resources

Keep up to date on recent aviation authority alert with our NOTAM Originator resources.



September, 2021

NOTAM Web Service User Guide

September, 2021


August, 2021

Helpful information


NOTAM originators are required to use their NAIPS User ID to access the NAIPS Internet Service (NIS) to check their NOTAM for correctness.