Corporate Publications

Airservices produces a range of corporate publications, including Corporate Plans, Workforce Plans, Annual Reports, and Quarterly Reports to industry.

These outline our capital vision, strategy, outcomes and deliverables and our report against those to industry and the broader community.

Flying guides, aeronautical information publications and other operational publications are also available.

We have also produced an easy-to-understand Guide to our operations to assist in the understanding of how air traffic control works and to provide insights into everyday occurrences at airports.

Corporate Reporting

Corporate Plans

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Annual reports

Strategic Planning

  • 2020-21 Corporate Plan

Date of Publication: Before 31 January 2021

Due to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Airservices Corporate Plan 2020–21 has been deferred to be published at a later date. Given the significant economic impacts of COVID-19, in Australia and globally, we are taking steps to respond to disruptive trends and prepare for a different future. This delay in publishing our corporate plan, is allowing us to work with the aviation industry and Federal Government to understand the true impacts of COVID-19. This is ensuring our strategic planning, budget and our service delivery is positioned to support the industry’s recovery. We remain committed to providing safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services that are valued by the aviation industry and community. We are focussing our efforts on our workforce culture and digital transformation, to reposition our organisation in the aviation ecosystem.