Drones and Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Traffic Management

Airspace is being transformed at a rapid rate by the emergence of new technologies that will allow products, services and aid to reach people and places faster. We're seeing astonishing growth in uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) use in industries such as mining, farming and emergency services, with new applications for the technology appearing every day. This transformation requires us to develop innovative solutions to ensure our skies remain safe for traditional aircraft, new airspace users and the community.

Growth in the market

60 million drone flights by 2043

Over the last five years, we have seen a significant maturing of the drone industry in Australia and globally. Advancement of technologies and ingenuity of use cases is driving greater adoption of drone use across Australia.

Airservices Australia commissioned Scyne Advisory to analyse growth of the drone and advanced air mobility market (including air taxis) in Australia to inform Airservices’ delivery of capabilities that will underpin Australia’s uncrewed aircraft systems traffic management (UTM) ecosystem – including the Flight Information Management System (FIMS).

The report predicts that commercial drone flights will increase by an average of 20% per annum over the next 20 years – culminating in 60 million flights in 2043.

The growth in flights will be driven primarily by the transport and logistics industry – around 50 million flights (77% of total flights in 2043). It is estimated that the current number of drone flights last year were around 1.5 million.

Growth will be focused in densely populated areas, driving the need for an operational UTM to maintain safe and equitable access to shared airspace.

Now is the time for collaboration across government and industry to develop, test and introduce the right regulatory frameworks and operational systems to foster continued safe growth of the market in increasingly busy airspace.


Uncrewed services

We're developing a suite of new services for UAS operators to access airspace safely and efficiently.


Flight Information Management System (FIMS)

Through FIMS, we will provide the backbone to the UTM ecosystem, allowing access for approved third party suppliers to connect to our systems.


UAS geospatial data

We're delivering data sets that are of real value to UAS operators by tailoring and enhancing our data to match their evolving needs.


UAS surveillance

Building on our existing drone detection system, we are enhancing our capabilities by using multiple sensor types to detect UAS around airports to help safely manage airspace.


Uncrewed Services Advisory Network

The Uncrewed Services Advisory Network (USAN) will provide Airservices with informed, objective high-level advice from the aviation community on current and emerging challenges and opportunities which may have implications for Airservices’ in its delivery of services to uncrewed and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) customers.

Evolving the industry

FIMS prototype

We engaged with world-leading, innovative organisations that each developed a FIMS prototype aligned to our outcomes-based requirements.

In October and November 2022, we conducted in-field trials of each FIMS prototype, testing real-world capabilities that will support thriving UAS operations in Australia.

The FIMS Prototype work has enabled Airservices to build a deep understanding of the innovative capabilities we will provide in our FIMS.

For information on current drone safety rules please visit CASA’s Know Your Drone website.

Work with us

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