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At Airservices Australia, we’re meeting the challenges of today while planning for the future. We’re partnering with world-leading companies, the aviation industry, regulators and other government agencies to integrate uncrewed aircraft systems and deliver a contemporary and national air traffic management system. You’ll join a dynamic organisation committed to rethinking how airspace is designed and managed to meet the needs of the future. We are recruiting a variety of enabling roles across the organisation, including engineers, program and technical specialists and project coordinators.


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Advanced technology


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With 29 locations across Australia, Airservices provides a unique opportunity to take your career with you, and experience rewarding work in regional, coastal and major metropolitan areas. 


Meet our team

Sam Basnayake, Service Assurance

Meet Sam Basnayake, a Service Assurance Lead at Airservices Australia.

Virdeep Kaur, Technical Officer

Meet Virdeep Kaur, a Technical Officer based at our Brisbane Centre.

Shenuka Jeevaratne, Network Capacity Coordinator

Meet Shenuka Jeevaratne, a Network Capacity Coordinator.

Mu Yan, Head of Customer Engagement

Meet Mu Yan, Head of Customer Engagement for Airservices Australia.

Sameer Khan, Technical Officer (Radio)

Meet Sameer Khan, a Technical Officer (Radio) based at Brisbane Airport.

Jamie Lankford, AIS/Aeronautical Charting Specialist

Meet Jamie Lankford, an AIS/Aeronautical Charting Specialist.

Kyran Hine, Technical Officer (Radio)

Meet Kyran Hine, a Technical Officer (Radio) based at Brisbane Airport.

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Effective teamwork and collaboration are what allow us to effectively manage the arrival and departure of more than 156 million airline passengers annually. No matter whether you're a technical officer, air traffic manager, or Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter, you’ll find yourself connecting with talented people and incredible opportunities.