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Airservices levies charges to aircraft operators that engage our services in the Australian airspace. Our charges may include fees applied or collected on behalf of other Australian government agencies, and may include aviation fire fighting charges at selected aerodromes.


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Our charges are regulated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, and are based on a model of cost-recovery plus a return on our assets. You can find detailed calculations of our different charges in our Standard Terms of Contract.

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There are a range of payment options available. You can make a payment via BPay, direct bank deposit, electronic funds transfer (EFT) or BPOINT. Visit How to pay your account for other payment options.


Contract for the provision of aviation facilities and services

July, 2019

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June, 2020


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Airservices has a unique role at the heart of Australia’s aviation industry, delivering world-leading services that support safe, efficient air traffic operations. We manage domestic and international aircraft, while providing air traffic control and aviation rescue, and fire fighting services at airports around the country.