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Airservices Australia wants you! For inspo, click here.

Forget Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy – Airservices, the nation’s air navigation service provider, is on the hunt for trainee air traffic controllers to join its more than 900-strong team across the country, like Adam Hart (pictured).

Our air traffic controllers are the true superheroes of the skies, getting people to where they need to be, safely and efficiently.

Airservices manages 11 per cent of the world’s airspace and provides aviation rescue fire fighting services at 29 of Australia’s busiest airports.

The Australian-government owned company can lay claim to some of best navigators in the world; connecting people with their family and friends, generating economic activity and creating jobs, and facilitating trade and tourism.

Airservices is proud of its world-class safety record and safety-first culture. We are heavily regulated by CASA – safety is paramount.

Our air traffic controllers are the unsung heroes who safely and efficiently guide an average of 3,800 planes every day, in perfect harmony – protecting both the Australian travelling public and our customer airlines.

Of Airservices’ more than 900 ATCs, 97 per cent are in operational roles. About 800 air traffic controllers are required to fully staff the air traffic management system. There are a further 65 ATCs in training. In addition, we are recruiting more air traffic controllers to add further depth to our air traffic control rosters over the next 12 months.

Express your interest in joining our amazing team of guardians of the Australian sky here.

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