Dynamic Data Order Form

If you require Dynamic Data, you will need to complete and submit a Dynamic Data Order Form.

Payment of $960 assessment fee

The length of time for Airservices to assess your Dynamic Data request will be at least two weeks, or longer depending on the complexity of the request.

If Airservices accepts your request, Airservices will need to assess whether the Dynamic Data you request is able to be provided. Before making this assessment, Airservices will provide you with an invoice for the cost of making the assessment. The fee for an assessment is $960 (GST inc) and must be paid within 20 business days of the date of the invoice in order for Airservices to progress the assessment.

Provision of quote by Airservices

Once the assessment is made, you may be provided with a quote for customisation and provision of the Dynamic Data as well as a copy of the Dynamic Data Licence Agreement. Should you progress to purchasing the Dynamic Data, Airservices will deduct the cost of the assessment fee from the initial invoice for the Dynamic Data. Alternatively, Airservices may at its absolute discretion advise that the Dynamic Data is unable to be provided. In this instance, or where you elect to not purchase the Dynamic Data, the assessment fee will be non-refundable.

Entering into a Dynamic Data Licence Agreement

If you accept Airservices quote, the Dynamic Data Licence Agreement will need to be signed and returned to Airservices, before access to Dynamic Data will be provided.

Other fees and royalties payable

Depending on your use of the Dynamic Data, additional user fees or royalties may also be payable under the Dynamic Data Licence Agreement.