Airservices Australia unveils inaugural Australian Aviation Network Overview

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Airservices Australia has today released its first deep-dive report on trends in the Australian aviation sector, covering the 2023 financial year.

Designed to inform discussion among industry stakeholders, the Australian Aviation Network Overview: Financial year 2023 offers a snapshot of key social and economic trends in the sector, our regional context and the performance of the Australian aviation network.

Inspired by similar international publications such as Eurocontrol’s European Aviation Overview, the Australian Aviation Network Overview will be updated monthly.

Airservices Australia Chief Executive Officer Jason Harfield said Airservices is working closely with customers and stakeholders to support the recovery and sustainable growth of aviation, and the release of the report underscores the importance of ongoing cross-industry efforts to increase transparency and collaboration to drive enhanced network performance.

Discussion of the report and further performance insights will be included in Airservices’ ongoing industry engagement, including the recently established quarterly Aviation Network Performance Roundtable meetings.

“Regrettably, Airservices has not consistently delivered the service standard we expect of ourselves and relied upon by our customers and stakeholders. While aviation safety performance has been maintained, the efficiency and consistency of the network, at times, has been impacted and constrained, hampering the recovery,” he said.

“The entire Airservices team is dedicated to returning the consistency of our service performance to the world-class standard that is expected and for which we are renowned.

“We are focused on ensuring the speed and effectiveness of executing our improvement activities and other change programs that improve your service outcomes.

“I welcome industry feedback on the insights of these new reports.” 

Our next report for July-August 2023 is expected to be published in September.

About Airservices

Airservices Australia is responsible for the safe and efficient management of 11 per cent of the world’s airspace and the provision of aviation rescue fire fighting services at Australia’s busiest airports. We connect people with their world safely – linking family and friends, generating economic activity, creating jobs and facilitating trade and tourism.

Posted on: August 4, 2023

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Airservices provides safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services to the aviation industry.

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