Airservices appoints international air traffic advisor to review Brisbane airspace design


Airservices Australia has appointed global air traffic management advisor, Trax International, to independently review and make improvement recommendations across all aspects of the design and conduct of the Airservices Post Implementation Review of Brisbane airspace.

Trax International brings significant experience working on similar airspace, flightpath and airport changes overseas, including in the United Kingdom at both Gatwick and Heathrow airports and will assist Airservices to deliver the right balance of PIR outcomes.

“We will consider all opportunities for improved noise outcomes for the Brisbane community and are committed to progressing those options that are assessed as being safe and feasible,” Airservices Australia Chief Executive Officer Jason Harfield said.

Airservices is already exploring opportunities to be implemented in the first half of 2022 to minimise aircraft noise related to the new flight paths for Brisbane Airport’s second runway including:

  • An application to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to increase the five-knot tail wind limit, to enable more over the bay operations;
  • A review of weather criteria to safely enable more aircraft to take off and land over the bay using Simultaneous Opposite Direction Runway Operations (SODPROPS);
  • A review of SODPROPS to extend active operating hours on weekends between 10pm and 8am; and
  • A trial to remove intersection departures for aircraft departing on the new parallel runway towards residential communities
  • Consideration of noise sharing and respite options including preferred runway, mode selection, climb gradients and early turns to and from the runway.
  • Airservices will also review noise monitor locations in response to requests from the community.

Any significant changes to flight paths from the Post Implementation Review or Trax International recommendations would require a formal environmental assessment and extensive community consultation.

For more information or to participate in the Brisbane Airport Flight Path Changes Post Implementation Review please visit the Airservices Engage website.

About Trax International
Trax is an Air Traffic Management (ATM) consultancy which employs a multi-national team of consultants with a diverse range of backgrounds, including stakeholder engagement and communications, air traffic control, instrument flight procedure design, aircraft and aerodromes operations, pilots, commercial UAV operations and programme management.

Posted on: January 19, 2022

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