Airspace infringement survey

Airservices Australia and Defence are committed to improving safety in and around controlled and restricted airspace for all users. To support this work we are conducting an ongoing national review of airspace infringements (AI).

Nearly all AI reports are generated by air traffic control. To allow all aspects of safety performance to be examined, it is important to capture as many perspectives of an incident as possible. The information gathered through reviews and feedback from all involved parties will better enable Airservices to make recommendations for changes required (if any) to procedures, training, or airspace design.

If you have been involved in an AI you will receive a letter from Airservices and a request to complete an online Airspace infringement survey.

The survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete; although the more information you provide us, the more helpful your response will be. Your assistance by completing the survey is greatly appreciated.


Your confidentiality is assured when completing our survey. Any reports generated from the information provided will not include any personal details that would allow any person, external company or agency receiving the report, to identify you. The review team will analyse for trends, trigger events and issues and not individual performance. No action will be taken against you by Airservices on the basis of the information you provide.

De-identified survey summary reports will be provided in appropriate industry safety newsletters and magazines and will be used to identify targeted safety programs and promotions that will address the most pertinent issues to all airspace users.
Airservices Australia