Airservices Australia hosts safety forums throughout the year as part of an ongoing education program to improve pilot familiarity with metropolitan Class D operations and procedures.

This page provides pilots and instructors operating within Class D airports with further information about the program sessions and how they can get involved.

We have also included access to useful information resources for those unable to attend in person.

Why rollout a metropolitan Class D safety program?
We have noticed a number of aircraft conflictions occur because the pilot is not familiar with metropolitan Class D procedures or has not complied with the intent of an air traffic control (ATC) instruction despite providing a read back. Our education program aims to improve pilot knowledge of the relevant procedures and, in doing so, improve safety performance at Class D airports.

What is discussed at the safety forums?
Our team of safety specialists and local tower and approach controllers will deliver safety presentations to highlight local procedures and share lessons learnt through de-identified case studies of relevant occurrences. The sessions provide a great opportunity for open discussion and sharing of information and experiences in managing safety issues. Feedback from previous events consistently shows that participants find the sessions worthwhile, especially the opportunity to have their operational and safety questions answered by a subject matter expert.

How often are the sessions held and who can attend?
The forums are open to pilots from the recreational, general aviation and professional aviation community, particularly instructors and pilots who operate within metropolitan Class D aerodromes. Each session runs for approximately one hour.

At each location we deliver a mix of individual forums to flying organisations and generally, an open forum that all pilots and organisations are welcome to attend. If you would like to book an individual and tailored session for your flying organisation please contact to discuss times and availability.

All sessions are free to attend and there is no fee involved with hosting an individual session.

What if I can’t attend a session?
We have online resources available to help improve your understanding of Class D operations. This includes a range of informative ‘Safety Nets’ and tip sheets developed by our safety promotions team in consultation with local air traffic controllers. Please be sure to check back frequently as we continually update our page with copies of forum presentations and other relevant safety publications.

In addition to the information contained in AIP, ERSA and the CASA VFRG, Airservices provides the following resources to assist pilots operating at these aerodromes.

Pilot Tools

CASA Apps and tools

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Contact us
For further enquiries about our metro D program please contact safety.promotions

Safety publications
Including Safety Bulletins which provide important advice on emerging safety issues.

Watch our safety and pilot education videos.