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Technical endorsement of ANEFs and ANEIs by Airservices

Consistent with part (x) of Ministerial Direction M37/99, Airservices is responsible for endorsing the technical accuracy of ANEFs and ANEIs for all Australian airports.

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Manner of endorsement

Our Airport and Environment Team considers a number of assumptions and inputs when conducting technical endorsements of ANEFs. These assumptions and inputs can be found in the updated ‘manner of endorsement’ document approved by the former Minister Infrastructure and Transport in April 2017.

Airservices (‘the endorser’) must be satisfied with the following assumptions and inputs when deciding whether to endorse an ANEF, (as per the ‘manner of endorsement’ document above).

Data requests for ANEF Preparation

In order to begin the ANEF preparation process, you or your consultant should request recent sets of aircraft movement data for your airport from our Noise and Flight Path Monitoring System (NFPMS).

To request this data, please complete and submit a tailored data order form.

Please note that sufficient time should be allowed for the data request process (e.g. 4-6 weeks), prior to commencing preparation of an ANEF. This is to ensure that a standard Airservices data licence (legal agreement) is completed between Airservices and your airport. The data requested will then be compiled by our Airport and Environment Team and sent to you (or your consultant).

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Model development

Using AEDT Software

ANEFS for technical endorsement need to be produced in US Federal Aviation Administration’s (US FAA’s) Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT).

Visit the US Federal Aviation Administration website for more information on AEDT.

AEDT software compatibility requirements and planned updates

AEDT files submitted for technical endorsement must be compatible with the AEDT and SQL Server versions used by Airservices. From March 2020, all AEDT files submitted must be compatible with AEDT Version 3b and SQL Server 2012.

Upcoming AEDT and/or SQL Server updates

Any changes to the AEDT and SQL Server versions used by Airservices will be announced on this webpage at least 3 months prior to implementation. The next update of AEDT and SQL Server is to AEDT Version 3c and SQL Server 2017. This update is scheduled in the future.

The importance of

Prior Notice

We strongly recommend that you notify Airservices by email 1-2 months prior to submitting an ANEF information package for endorsement. This helps to identify any issues early on and ensure that proposed timelines can be agreed and met.

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Check List

ANEF Submission Readiness

We have developed an ANEF Submission Readiness Checklist which provides guidance on the particular aspects of ANEFs that we review when conducting our technical endorsement. Please ensure that this checklist has been reviewed and completed prior to submitting an ANEF package for endorsement. At a minimum, we require the following information to be submitted as part of an ANEF information package for technical endorsement:

  1. a complete copy of the ANEF noise study modelling files
  2. an ANEF technical report and appendices.

ANEF Submission

All ANEF technical endorsement submissions and queries should be sent to NoiseEnviroTeam@AirservicesAustralia.com. Our email attachment size restriction is 20MB, please compress larger files or send files in multiple emails with the same subject line.

Timing of ANEF technical endorsements

Allow 10-12 weeks for the ANEF technical endorsement process. This time frame starts only when the full ANEF information package is submitted for technical endorsement. If we find any issue with the ANEF information package that needs further clarification, this time frame will be paused until that information is received.


Signature of final ANEF charts

In order to complete the ANEF chart endorsement process, we will provide you with electronic copies of the relevant Airservices signature block for inclusion on the electronic version of the chart. You will then be responsible for printing out three physical copies of the chart (usually as A1 size), and delivering them to the appropriate Airservices location for physical signature by the relevant Airservices manager. Our team can advise you who the relevant manager is, on an airport by airport basis. Ensure you leave 1-2 days for this process at the end of your ANEF preparation schedule.