Airservices honours Joann’s key role in transforming air traffic management

Joann Martins

In the lead-up to International Women’s Day, Airservices is proudly championing the highly skilled women in our national team to help #BreakTheBias and showcase the many varied and rewarding opportunities available for women considering a career in aviation.

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Meet Joann Martins, Civil Military Air Traffic Management System Release One Technical Lead (OneSKY Australia)

Joann is playing a key role in one of the largest transformations of air traffic management in Australian aviation history. Part of the OneSKY Australia Program to replace the existing civil and military air traffic management systems with an advanced integrated system, Joann is helping ensure Australia is well-positioned to meet future air traffic management needs, maintain Defence capability and meet national security imperatives.

How did you achieve your current role?
I started at Airservices as a software/systems engineer within the SIM and Apps Team back in 2012 and moved onto the role of a Project Engineer (Systems Engineering) on the Civil Military Air Traffic Management System (CMATS) with the OneSKY Australia Program five years ago. Having worked through some challenging project milestones right from requirement analysis, through to the various design review milestones, this project has provided for significant learning and growth opportunities along the way.

What inspires you? What do you love most about your job?
Working on cutting-edge technology/systems which make a difference is what inspires me in my job. I enjoy working with people from different domains and backgrounds and being able to learn a thing or two from them. Practically every day you learn something new on this job.

How do you see women in engineering in aviation breaking the bias locally, nationally or internationally?
I’ve been lucky to have been led by some remarkable women as managers and fortunate to work with women mentors and leaders across multiple facets of the aviation industry.

Their professional work ethic, unparalleled thinking and ability to maintain a healthy work-/life balance speaks volumes towards breaking the bias that women in engineering/aviation have seen over the years. It’s no longer seen as a career that is unattainable or unsustainable.

What female role models have inspired you?
There are so many inspirational women today making a difference however my greatest role model is close to home, my mother. Working full-time as a teacher, inspiring young minds, while raising and encouraging three daughters to work hard and break through those glass ceilings is far more than anyone could ask for in a mother/role model. Today, she still continues to adapt and evolve to any challenge/change thrown her way, inspiring me to always be open to learning new things and never give up.

What advice would you give women thinking about a career in aviation/at Airservices?
My advice is to take the leap. Like any other career, it presents its challenges, but also provides a great deal of satisfaction when you get to witness the end results. Engineering has never been the go-to career path for women, but I’ve seen first-hand the difference the female thought process and approach brings to this discipline that’s sought after today.

Airservices has adopted a hybrid work from home/work from the office model for non-operational employees. Do you have any top tips on how to establish a work/life balance?
The hybrid working model does take some getting used to. To better achieve work/life balance, I’m working towards:

  • Sticking to set working hours even while working from home to avoid work creeping into personal time.
  • Setting up some time during the week to catch up with colleagues to ensure we’re all doing well.
  • When possible, doing a few walk and talk meetings to beat this sedentary lifestyle.

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Posted on: March 3, 2022

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