Airservices Australia’s new ADO Portal boosts aeronautical data and information collection


Australian aviation is safer and more efficient thanks to Airservices Australia’s new Aeronautical Data Originator (ADO) Portal which offers a new self-managed, digitised and modernised method of aeronautical data and information collection. 

As Australia’s air navigation service provider, Airservices is responsible for the collection, management and distribution of essential aeronautical data and information that forms the basis of the Integrated Aeronautical Information Package.

The data also directly supports other operationally significant systems used in flight planning and air traffic control.

The Portal is now being rolled out to 1000 aeronautical data originators at 600 organisations across the country, including our key airport customers, military operators and government services. Learn more here.

Its key benefits include: Reducing manual processes, ensuring accurate information to aviation users, and it’s a web-based, streamlined and customer-centric solution for how aeronautical information is collected, updated and stored.

Airservices Australia acting Chief Service Delivery Officer David Wells said safety was Airservices’ No.1 remit, with our new ADO Portal’s efficiencies in aeronautical data and information collection the perfect value-add.

“We’re incredibly proud to offer this new service milestone, having worked closely with our primary vendor, ATech Services, as well as other businesses across safety consulting, cyber security, communications and engagement,” Mr Wells said.

“The portal improves our service offering and creates better outcomes for the aviation industry.”

Posted on: October 3, 2023

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Airservices provides safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services to the aviation industry.

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