Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Register

PIA Ref No Project Date
PIA 01 Workforce Planning and Reporting Analytics. 29/09/2018
PIA-02 Declaration of interests. 12/02/2019
PIA-03 Workforce relocation portal. 08/04/2019
PIA-04 Enterprise Security Architecture. 26/06/2019
PIA-05 Implementation of SAP Ariba automated system modules. 07/11/2018
PIA-06 Hire to Retire (SAP Success Factors). 27/09/2018
PIA-07 Microwave Services Project Phase 3. 27/08/2019
PIA-08 Comply First Time. 29/10/2019
PIA-09 Copper Migration Project. 11/10/2019
PIA-10 Harmony v7 upgrade to the Air Traffic Flow Management System. 15/01/2020
PIA-11 Implementation of Phase 2: Hire to Retire (SAP Success Factors). 27/09/2019
PIA-12 Aeronautical Information Management Project Aeronautical Information Management project. underway
PIA-13 Introduction of psychometric testing to recruitment processes. 22 January 2020
PIA-14 Voice Recording system replacement. underway
PIA-15 Implementation of further SAP Ariba modules. 31 January 2020
PIA-16 T3 Security Operations Centre 4 February 2020
PIA-17 WellteQ wellness platform. underway
PIA-18 Survey Platform underway