The following time-line diagram represents the cyclic activities involved in the production of AIS documents.

AIRAC Dates: this date is based on the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control (AIRAC) cycle of every 28 days.

Actual dates for a particular document are shown in the tables below.

Notification of changes to owned data or information should be sent directly to Please ensure the change is complete as it is to read in AIP.

For any particular Amendment Cycle, time must be allowed for a proposed documentation change to be verified and validated prior to the cut-off date. Note: schedules are prepared a long way in advance and the cut-off dates shown below should be regarded as guidance only. Depending on circumstances, Airservices may need to make changes to future cut-off dates. Such changes to the Document Amendment Calendar will be posted on this web page as they occur.

2024 Amendment Cycle

2403 21/03/2024
ERSA 21 MAR 2024 16/11/2023
DAP A/L 178 16/11/2023
AIP A/L 118 29/11/2023
2406 13/06/2024
MAP 67 / DAH 30/11/2023**
ERSA 13 JUN 2024 22/02/2024
DAP A/L 179 22/02/2024
AIP A/L 119 14/03/2024
2409 05/09/2024
ERSA 05 SEP 2024 16/05/2024
DAP A/L 180 16/05/2024
AIP A/L 120 10/06/2024
2412 28/11/2024
MAP 68 / DAH 13/06/2024**
ERSA 28 NOV 2024 08/08/2024
DAP A/L 181 08/08/2024
AIP A/L 121 09/09/2024

* Cut-off

This is the last date where approved change requests (e.g. CRC, RFC, ADO request) to the AIP must be submitted to AIS Data Services.

All consultation and approvals by other units (internal and external to Airservices) must be completed prior to this date. Change requests received after this date will be incorporated in the next available publication cycle.

** Approved changes to Airspaces or ATS Routes (e.g. ACP) must be submitted to the Airspace Designers 10 working days prior to the cut-off.

Privacy Statement

Where appropriate, personal information may be disclosed to airports or other related parties, in the course of verifying these amendments.

Airservices will not use your personal information for any other purpose, nor disclose it to any other unrelated party, without your consent or if we are required or authorised to disclose that information by law.