The General Aviation Option (GAO) is a simplified payment method that provides eligible customers with the opportunity of taking up a discount on Airservices charges.

Who is eligible?

  1. Do you operate an aircraft under 5.7 tonnes?
  2. Has this aircraft completed flights/movements which would normally incur Airservices charges between during calculation period (see information information below)?

The GAO Offer

If you answered YES to both eligibility questions. You can choose:

  • One annual invoice - receive a 5 per cent discount or
  • Four quarterly invoices - receive a 2.5 per cent discount.

This discount will ensure your Airservices charges, for each eligible aircraft are fixed for the entire financial year, regardless of the number of flights or services utilised by the aircraft during the year.

Aircraft with flight charges of $500 and less, the aircraft is automatically covered for the financial year. No charges will be applied (no action is required).

Important information

  • The GAO Offer is issued in May/June each year and is calculated based on the flights you have either been invoiced or would have incurred (if you were not covered by the previous GAO), during the calculation period, which is the prior 12 months, between 1 April to 31 March, using the rates applicable in the upcoming financial year.
  • Where the flight charges calculated for the offer are $500.00 (including GST) or less. You are receiving a 100 per cent discount on charges which would normally be applied under Airservices Standard contract for the new financial year.
  • For aircraft with no chargeable flight activity during the calculation period, no offer will be issued.
  • Details of the Airservices charges are available on the Airservices Standard contract.

What the GAO offer covers

Terminal navigation charges

That would normally apply at airports where we provide a service. However, terminal navigation charges at or within the control zone of Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney aerodromes are not included in this offer and will continue to be invoiced separately in accordance with Airservices Standard Contract Terms.

Enroute and Meteorology charges

That would normally apply, for all flights operating under instrument flight rules (IFR).