Airservices is Australia's air navigation service provider - we provide air traffic control, aviation rescue and fire fighting and air navigation services.

Community consultation

Airservices is committed to open and timely communication with the community and our stakeholders as outlined in our Communication and consultation protocol.

We are committed to providing information to stakeholders and the community on significant changes that may affect them, and incorporating feedback into our planning, decision-making and implementation processes. This document outlines our approach to engagement with stakeholders, the value we place on it and the various consultation methods that we use. The communication and consultation protocol is subject to review based on our experience in implementing changes and developing projects.

Federally-leased airports (excluding Mt. Isa and Tennant Creek) have established Community Aviation Consultation Groups (CACGs), which provide an effective avenue for local community engagement on airport planning and operations, including aircraft noise. The Department for Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities provides guidelines for CACGs.

CACG membership depends on the characteristics of the airport and any local issues of community concern however, generally includes:

  • airport management
  • aircraft operators
  • community organisations or representatives
  • representatives from state, territory or local government bodies
  • local tourism and business groups.

Airservices does not formally belong to CACGs, but is invited to attend to provide relevant information and assist in discussions.  Airservices consults CACGs on potential changes to flight paths as well as technical reviews, such as noise monitoring and noise abatement procedures.

Information about individual CACGs can be found on airport websites: