Airservices values the principles of CDM and these principles are currently applied in many of the industry’s existing planning and operational activities including airspace and route planning and current demand and capacity management activities.

The three capabilities that will enable CDM in Australia:

Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM)

Metron Harmony and supporting procedures have been introduced to better identify demand and capacity imbalances at four major airports within Australia – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Where imbalances are identified, the system will enable the establishment of traffic management initiatives to reduce airborne delays.

Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM)

Improving data sharing between airport stakeholders to provide a common operational picture that enables refinement of the surface management activities for aircraft. This in turn, provides for more efficient use of airport infrastructure and resources.

Integrated Arrival and Departure Management (A/DMAN)

Providing the capability to integrated Arrival and Departure Management (A/DMAN: Providing the capability to dynamically balance airport arrival and departure demand to ensure more efficient use of airports and airspace that will result in further reduction in airborne delays).