Airservices leads world first network-wide implementation of Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM)

Airservices has partnered with Saab Sensis Corporation, a US defence and security company, to deliver an A-CDM solution in Australia.

Airservices is working alongside our airline and airport partners to lead the implementation of A-CDM at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth airports. Airservices is the first air navigation service provider in the world to lead a multi-location A-CDM implementation. Typically, A-CDM initiatives have been led by the airport and only in a single location. Airservices has adopted the lead role because airlines have asked for a single solution to harmonise operations across all major airports, reduce duplication costs and elevating the benefits of A-CDM to a whole-of-network perspective.

Saab have extensive experience, and have worked in partnership with approximately 30 airports world-wide to deliver A-CDM tools, and are also well respected in implementing air traffic control systems. Saab have recently implemented A-CDM in Hong Kong Airport and Dublin International Airport as well as many airports in the United States.

A-CDM will improve the way airports, aircraft operators, ground handling organisations and Air Traffic Control work to harmonise airport operations through data sharing and decision support technology along with improvements in how the various parties come together to make collaborative decisions. This will lead to:

  • Better utilisation of runway and gate capacity
  • Smoother recovery from adverse operations
  • Higher predictability.

The A-CDM solution will ensure that information from each stakeholder is integrated and shared to provide the ability to make collaborative and predictive decisions. Improvements will include operational efficiencies and aircraft predictability at an airport by providing a common picture of aircraft movements through the arrival, turnaround and departure phases of a flight.

Implementing A-CDM will:

  • Harmonise operations nationwide
  • Maximise the benefits for all parties by elevating the focus from local airport operations to a national network perspective
  • Reduce duplicated costs for all Partners and stakeholders.