Notes to aid completion of forms F1, F2 and F3

  1. Please read these notes before attempting to complete forms AAMA F1, F2, and F3.
  2. It is important that the Australian Airspace Monitoring Agency (AAMA) has an accurate record of a point of contact for any queries that might arise. Recipients are therefore requested to include a completed AAMA F1 with their first reply to the AAMA. Thereafter, there is no further requirement unless there has been a change to the information requested on the form.
  3. If recipients are unable to pass the information requested in the AAMA F2 and F3 to the AAMA by email attachment, a hard copy must be completed for each aircraft granted RVSM approval or where an approval is withdrawn. The numbers below refer to the superscript numbers on the blank AAMA F2 and F3 forms.
    1. Enter the 1 or 2 letter ICAO identifier as contained in ICAO Doc 7910/92 (3/99), Index to Nationality Letters for Location Indicators. In the case of their being more than one identifier designated for the State, use the identifier that appears first.
    2. Enter the operator’s 3 letter ICAO identifier as contained in ICAO Doc 8585/109 (3/99). For International General Aviation, enter “IGA”. For military aircraft, enter “MIL”. If none, place an X in this field and write the name of the operator/owner in the Remarks row.
    3. Enter the ICAO designator as contained in ICAO Doc 8643/27 (7/99), e.g., for Airbus A320-211, enter A320; for Boeing B747-438 enter B744.
    4. Enter series of aircraft type or manufacturer’s customer designation, e.g., for Airbus A320-211, enter 211; for Boeing B747-438, enter 400 or 438.
    5. Enter ICAO allocated Aircraft Mode S address code.
    6. Enter yes or no.
    7. Example: For October 26, 2008 write 26/10/08.
    8. Use a separate sheet of paper if insufficient space available.

Instructions to fill out and save PDF forms

  1. Click the link for the PDF form
  2. Complete the form on the browser
  3. Click print icon at the top left corner
  4. From the print window, select Adobe PDF for Name
  5. Click OK and select the location where the file will be saved