Our aviation industry is dynamic—rapidly adopting improvements in technology and innovating in order to provide more efficient air services to the public. Airservices must evolve with it.

By 2021, Australia will be providing air traffic control services using the most advanced and integrated air traffic control system in the world—OneSKY.

We are collaborating closely with the Department of Defence to create OneSKY—a new, harmonised civil-military air traffic management system that will unite Australian skies.  OneSKY will provide new levels of operational efficiency, cost efficiency and safety, while also reducing delays for the travelling public and providing opportunities to improve environmental outcomes. It will place Airservices and the Department of Defence in a position to manage the forecast growth of air traffic movement in Australia.

Organisational Culture Review

 We are currently working with Elizabeth Broderick & Co. to undertake a broad and independent review of the workforce culture of Airservices as we continue to build a safe and inclusive workforce that fosters diversity and prepares us for the future.

For more information, please see the Terms of Reference and Review Timeline.