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Aircraft Noise Certification

All civil aircraft operating in Australia are required to comply with the Air Navigation (Aircraft Noise) Regulations regardless of size, purpose, or ownership.

Aircraft operators will need to complete and submit the Aircraft Noise Assessment form in order to:

  • add an aircraft to the Australian Civil Register
  • operate an already noise assessed aircraft that has been modified which may affect its noise characteristics
  • operate a foreign registered aircraft in Australia.

The Aircraft Noise Assessment Form is available online

If you have problems with using the online form contact (02) 6268 4583 or (02) 6268 5620.

Under the Air Navigation (Aircraft Noise) Regulations, unless stated otherwise, ‘aircraft’ does not include:

  • a state aircraft
  • a hot air balloon
  • a propeller driven aircraft that is specifically designed, and used exclusively for:
    - aerobatic purposes *
    - firefighting purposes *
    - agricultural purposes *

* These aircraft can apply for a noise exemption by completing the Application for Aircraft Noise Assessment form.

Information to owners of Foreign Registered Jet Aircraft

If your aircraft is already noise certified according to ICAO Annex 16 Vol1, FAR Part 3b Stage or another noise certification, please attach a copy of the noise certification data to the Aircraft Noise Assessment. You will still need to complete the Noise Assessment form.

If the aircraft is not exempt from certification, does not have a manufacturer’s handbook and the delegate deems it necessary, the owner of the aircraft may be requested to have the aircraft noise measured. Contact one of the numbers above for further information.