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Merry Christmas from AirservicesMerry Christmas from Airservices How Santa uses satellite technologyHow Santa uses satellite technology Play catch the reindeerPlay catch the reindeer

Weather information provided to Santa

Airservices National Operations Centre will be providing Santa with up-to-date weather information throughout the evening, helping him fly around, over and under any bad weather, just like they do for other flights.

Weather for Santa's visit

Santa’s flight path revealed

Santa and his reindeer have agreed to share their flight plan with us! This is the route that Santa will take all over Australia to make sure he visits every house during the night.


Notice issued to pilots

Read our special 'notice to pilots' that has been sent out to all aircraft travelling on Christmas Eve—this helps them stay clear of Santa's sleigh when he's delivering your presents!


Santa submits his flight plan

Watch Santa lodge his flight plan and learn a little about what happens after a flight plan gets lodged with Airservices!

Santa submits his flight plan

Santa uses ADS-B technology

Before Santa visits all the boys and girls this Christmas, watch our air traffic controller Johl talk about the technology that will help keep him and his reindeer safe in our skies on Christmas Eve.

Santa uses ADS-B

How we help Santa

We have more than 4000 staff based all around the country to see how they help Santa. Do you have what it takes to join our team?

How we help Santa

Santa’s call sign

This year Santa's unique call sign is 'Sleigh Rider 1'. Learn more about call signs, how they work and see examples of other call signs.

Santa's call sign

Santa’s visit to Australia

To make sure everything was set for his flying visit on Christmas Eve, Santa did a 'test flight' through Australian airspace recently. During a stop in Melbourne he talked to lots of our staff about the fantastic job they do in keeping him safe.

Santa visits Airservices

Explore Santa’s sleigh

Have you ever wondered how Santa's sleigh actually works? Check out some of the cool features onboard.

Explore Santa's sleigh

Tasty recipes for Santa and the reindeer

Santa needs to take breaks during his Christmas Eve journey around Australia – and so do his reindeer! Use these recipes to prepare snacks that Santa and his reindeer are sure to enjoy.


Colouring-in fun

Colour in an Airservices tower, truck or fire fighter!