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Aircraft Noise

The aviation industry is vital for a myriad of business, tourism, social and freight activities that the Australian economy and society rely upon. Aircraft noise is an unavoidable consequence of aviation activity. Airservices works with partners in the aviation industry to minimise the impacts of aircraft noise on communities around airports. Its role involves:

  • ensuring that flight departures and arrivals are designed to minimise noise impacts
  • providing information about aircraft noise
  • monitoring aircraft noise around major airports
  • providing a national Noise Complaints and Information Service.

Airservices seeks opportunities to minimise aircraft noise, for example by trialling new procedures. Often these trials are undertaken as a result of issues raised by communities. Airservices publishes reports on these trials and reviews, which are available on airport information pages. Airservices also undertakes periodic reviews of existing noise abatement procedures at airports. Airservices commitment to Aircraft Noise Management informs the community on our commitment  to minimising and, where possible, reducing the impact of aircraft noise with a view to achieving world’s best practice in aircraft noise management. Airservices and Australian Airports Association have developed a website with more information on aircraft noise.


Airservices Noise Complaints and Information Service
No telephone service will be available on 26 and 27 November 2015 as staff will be undertaking training. Inquiries and complaints can still be lodged via WebTrak, the online form or via mail addressed to the Noise Complaints and Information Service, PO Box 211, Mascot NSW 1460.

Colo High School, North Richmond NSW 25 November 2015
An RAAF C-130J Hercules with 4.6-metre White Ribbons on its tail will conduct a low-level flypast of Colo High School today, Wednesday 25 November, tracking from the east at 10:50am then doing a second flypast from the south.

Canberra and Australian Defence Force Academy 25 November 2015
To show support of White Ribbon Day, Defence aircraft will fly over Canberra on Wednesday 25 November. At  7.30am, Black Hawk and Bell 429 helicopters will fly over Parliament House from north east to south west. Shortly after, a C-17A Globemaster and a C-130J Hercules will fly over Old Parliament House, flying from north-west to south-east.

At 1:20pm the Black Hawk and Bell 429 helicopters will fly over the Australian Defence Force Academy from the south, and the C-17A Globemaster and C-130J Hercules will fly over from the east. Low level flying will be involved.

White Ribbon flypast of Blacktown, NSW 23 November 2015
An Air Force C-130J Hercules adorned with 4.6-metre White Ribbons on its tail will conduct a flypast of Blacktown at 9.30am on Monday, November 23. Approaching from the south, the aircraft will overfly Blacktown Workers Club, and will be at a minimum of 300 metres altitude above ground. Prior to the flypast, the aircraft will hold in the vicinity of Prospect Reservoir.

Darwin and Delamere Weapons Range, Northern Territory 23 November to 4 December 2015
Super Hornet RAAF aircraft will fly out of Darwin for Exercise Faru Sumu between 23 November to 4 December. The exercise includes activities at the Delamere Weapons Range. Flying will be conducted during the morning/afternoon for the two week exercise with aircraft due to land by 6pm each day. No weekend flying will occur.

Manly Beach and Royal National Park, New South Wales, early December 2015
Parachute training will be conducted by the Australian Defence Force in the vicinity of Manly Beach and the coastal areas of the Royal National Park, NSW during the first week of December 2015. The training will occur during the day and involves the use of RAAF aircraft and military watercraft.

Richmond NSW 19 – 25 November 2015
A series of training exercises will be conducted from RAAF Base Richmond by C-130J Hercules transport aircraft between 19 – 25 November. This will include formation airdrop and low-level flight using night-vision goggles.

Temora NSW 19 Nov-22 Nov 2015
Temora Aviation Museum will present the WARBIRDS DOWNUNDER 2015 air display on 20 and 21 November 2015. The event will showcase ex-military and antique aircraft as well as current RAAF aircraft. Flying displays will occur on Friday 20th November between 17:00 and 19:30 and on Saturday 21st November between 11:00 and 16:30.

These displays will include RAAF aircraft conducting high energy manoeuvres. Residents can also expect an increase in air traffic as spectators arrive and depart the event.

Townsville, QLD 18 November – 11 December
Elements of the Royal Australian Air Force will participate in Exercise High Sierra 2015 from 18 November until 11 December. The exercises will include a wide range of general flying, bombing and tactical exercises in the Townsville Field Training Areas (TFTA). Residents can expect an increase in military aviation operations at Townsville and between Townsville and the TFTA.

Western Sydney Airport Draft Environmental Impact Statement 
The Federal Government has released the draft Environmental Impact Statement for the new airport in Western Sydney. It is now available for public comment by going to

Perth Airport Fridays to Sundays 9 October – 29 November 2015
The main runway at Perth Airport (Runway 03/21) will be temporarily closed between 7.30am and 5.30pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday from Friday 9 October until Sunday 29 November, to allow for essential maintenance. Due to this there will be increased traffic on Runway 06/24 during these times.

Introduction of Smart Tracking at Perth Airport – 17 September 2015
Airservices is introducing Smart Tracking procedures at Perth Airport on 17 September 2015.  The new Smart Tracking arrival flight path is over the Perth Hills to the southeast of the airport.  The current visual approach will also be moved to replicate the new Smart Tracking flight path as part of Perth Noise Improvements 2015

Updated Smart Tracking procedures Brisbane Airport – 17 September 2015
Airservices is updating Smart Tracking procedures to enable a wider range of aircraft to use them at Brisbane Airport. This requires updating the flight paths that aircraft use when landing on Runway 01 (arrivals over the city to land at the southern end of the main runway) using Smart Tracking procedures. Updated procedures will be available from 17 September 2015.

Rockhampton, QLD 25 September to 28 November 2015
Military exercises will be conducted in the Shoalwater Bay Training Areas between 25 September and 28 November 2015. Significant deployment and redeployment of personnel and equipment will take place before and after the event.

Aircraft including F16, C130 transport and military helicopters will operate from Rockhampton Airport. The exercises will include live firing and unmanned aerial vehicles in the training areas and will occur both day and night. All aircraft will be involved in night vision operations.

Perth, night-time departure trial
Airservices Australia has decided not to proceed with the proposed Perth night-time departure trial as the environmental assessment has concluded it would not result in an overall noise improvement.

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Fact sheets and information packs

Downloadable fact sheets and regional noise information packs are now available. More will be added soon.

Noise Information Reports

Our noise information reports are now available.

Noise commitment

Airservices Commitment to Aircraft Noise Management informs the community and aviation industry on how it intends to address collaboratively the impact of aircraft noise and was released in early November 2013.