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Aircraft noise

The aviation industry is vital for a myriad of business, tourism, social and freight activities that the Australian economy and society rely upon. Aircraft noise is an unavoidable consequence of aviation activity. Airservices works with partners in the aviation industry to minimise the impacts of aircraft noise on communities around airports. Its role involves:

  • ensuring that flight departures and arrivals are designed to minimise noise impacts
  • providing information about aircraft noise
  • monitoring aircraft noise around major airports
  • providing a national Noise Complaints and Information Service.

Airservices seeks opportunities to minimise aircraft noise, for example by trialling new procedures. Often these trials are undertaken as a result of issues raised by communities. Airservices publishes reports on these trials and reviews, which are available on airport information pages. Airservices also undertakes periodic reviews of existing noise abatement procedures at airports. Airservices commitment to Aircraft Noise Management informs the community on our commitment  to minimising and, where possible, reducing the impact of aircraft noise with a view to achieving world’s best practice in aircraft noise management. Airservices and Australian Airports Association have developed a website with more information on aircraft noise.

Noise Complaints and Information Service Response Time

The Noise Complaints and Information Service has reopened after the Christmas holiday period. Due to a backlog of complaints responses to complainants may take a little longer than usual. Complaints and enquiries can still be registered with Airservices Australia via the website.


Flight path changes at Hobart Airport
Airservices introduced flight path changes at Hobart Airport on 14 September 2017. These changes were made to organise aircraft movements onto standard routes. Airservices have carefully considered concerns raised by the community and conducted a review to identify possible safe and feasible alternatives that would reduce aircraft noise impact on residents. Airservices is now undertaking a further review, Hobart Airspace Design Review, of the Hobart Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STARs) and Standard Instrument Departure routes (SIDs). Terms of Reference for the review can be found at this link: is committed to consulting with the community and other stakeholders throughout the review process. It is anticipated that the review will take approximately 12–18 months to complete.

Melbourne Airport 27 February 2018
Due to required runway maintenance the east-west runway, Runway 09/27, will be closed between 10am and 3:30 pm on Tuesday 27 February. Residents to the north and south of the airport may notice an increase in air traffic during this time.

Melbourne Airport 22 February 2018
Due to required runway maintenance the east-west runway, Runway 09/27, will be closed between 10am and 3:30 pm on Thursday 22 February. Residents to the north and south of the airport may notice an increase in air traffic during this time.

Bulahdelah area NSW 26 February to 15 March 2018
The Australian Defence force (ADF) will be conducting air training exercises over the Bulahdelah area in New South Wales from Monday 26 February to Thursday 15 March. A number of different types of aircraft will be involved including F/A-18A/B Hornet aircraft. The PC-9 aircraft and Hawk 127 Lead-In Fighter aircraft may conduct operations down to 45m (150ft) above ground level. More information can be found on the Air Force website.

Flight validation and navigation checks at various airports VIC 20 February to 2 March 2018
The Civil Aviation Safety Authority will be conducting flight path and navigation validation safety checks at various airports around the state of Victoria between Tuesday 20 February and Friday 2 March. The airports involved are Avalon, East Sale, Essendon, Mangalore, and Melbourne. An uncommon flying pattern may be observed.

Darwin Northern Territory 19 February 2018
Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) F/A-18A/B Hornet aircraft will conduct a flypast on Monday 19 February over the Darwin Cenotaph at approximately 10am. The aircraft will be no lower than 250ft above ground level and is in support of a service commemorating 76 years since the bombing of Darwin. More details can be found on the RAAF website.

Flypast Canberra ACT 21 February 2018.
A Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) PC-9/A aircraft fly over Lake Burley Griffin before conducting a flypast over the Australia War Memorial on Wednesday 21 February at approximately 5:05pm. The aircraft will fly no lower than 200ft above ground level. More details can be found on the RAAF website.

Melbourne Flypast 19 February 2018
The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Museum will conduct two formation flypasts with historic aircraft over the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance on Monday 19 February from 11am. The flypasts will consist of RAAF Winjeels,CT-4s and Harvard trainer aircraft and will be at a height of approximately 900ft. The flypasts are in support of a ceremony being conducted to mark the 76th anniversary of the bombing of Darwin, and commemorate those who served and died in the defence of Northern Australia between 1942 and 1945.

Williamtown NSW 2018
Aircraft from the RAAF Base Williamtown have commenced fighter training at the Salt Ash Air Weapons Range for 2018. Details of the training can be found on the Air Force website .

Sydney, Orange and Canberra regions February and March 2018
An Australian Defence Force exercise will see a number of Black Hawk helicopters fly over the Sydney, Orange and Canberra regions during the period 05 February to 08 March. Flights will occur during the afternoon and evening generally concluding by 11.30 pm. Some low-level flying will occur.

Cairns helicopters QLD February 2018
There is expected to be an increase in helicopter flights in February for a number of days either side of Chinese New Year, 16 February 2018. The increased number of helicopter flights may have an impact on other operations at the airport due to traffic management.

RAAF Base Richmond NSW
Aerial firefighting aircraft will be based at RAAF Base Richmond during the bushfire season. Local residents may notice increased firefighting aircraft activity including the C-130 Large Air Tanker ‘Thor’, and DC-10 Very Large Air Tanker over the summer months.

Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast residents now have the ability to track aircraft from Beeburrum in the south, to Kin Kin in the north using WebTrak.

Western Sydney Airport Environmental Impact Statement
The Federal Government has released the Environmental Impact Statement for the new Western Sydney Airport. Further information is available at the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

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Fact sheets and information packs

Downloadable fact sheets and regional noise information packs are now available.

Noise Information Reports

Our noise information reports are now available.

Noise commitment

Airservices Commitment to Aircraft Noise Management informs the community and aviation industry on how it intends to address collaboratively the impact of aircraft noise and was released in early November 2013.