Maps are only for visualisation of ATC sector airspace boundaries as specified in contingency NOTAM. Note: These maps are current as at the last AIP Charting AIRAC effective date and will not include any differences promulgated by NOTAM or SUP.

Current 15JUN2023   Pending 30NOV2023
Australia Brisbane and Melbourne FIR Australia Brisbane and Melbourne FIR
  Brisbane FIR

  Melbourne FIR
  Current 15JUN2023 Pending 30NOV2023     Current 15JUN2023 Pending 30NOV2023
Brisbane TCU   Alpine
Byron   Barossa
Capricornia   Bass
East   Canberra TCU
Fraser   Central
Gwydir   Grampians
Hastings   Monaro
Longreach   Southwest
Longreach North   Tasmania TCU
North Queensland TCU  


Simpson North        


Contingency Plans