Standard Data Product Group table

Outlined below are the Standard Data Product Groups available for purchase. Please note that Standard Data is available only in Product Groups as a whole and individual datasets within a Product Group are not available for purchase.

Example Standard Data (Sample Data) for each Product Group can be downloaded through the links in the Product Group table, subject to your agreement to the terms of the Sample Data Licence Agreement.

Product Group Content Sample file format Approx frequency of updates via Data Portal Standard Data licence fee (per year)
(GST inc)

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Product Group A General Aviation Data

Dataset 1 – Australian Landing Sites - AD, ALA, HLS, CTAF Frequencies (applicable only to those aerodromes printed in FAC section of ERSA)
Dataset 2 – IFR Waypoints (WPT)
Dataset 3 – VFR Waypoints (VFA, VFC, VFM, VFR, GAP, TSP, LDM)
Dataset 4 – Routes (IFR Routes)
Dataset 5 – Navaids (DME, GP, ILS, LOC, MM, NDB, OM, TAC, VOR)
Dataset 6 – Runway Thresholds
Dataset 7 – Runway Details
Dataset 8 – Aerodrome Operators
Dataset 9 – Comms (Phone, Fax, Email)
Dataset 10 – ATS-Communications frequencies
There is no Dataset 11
Dataset 12 – Stored Routes
Dataset 13 – GPS Waypoints
Dataset 25 – NON-FAC-ERSA Australian Landing Sites.
The information in Dataset 25 has not been validated by the relevant aerodrome and the landing sites are not certified or registered by CASA. These locations appear in ERSA as Decode or Encode with the ID and location name listing only.

Example of File Name Format – Dataset1_Aust_landing_run<date>_eff<date>.csv


Product Group B Airspace Data

Dataset 14 – PRD (Prohibited Restricted Danger Areas)
Dataset 15 – CTA (Controlled Airspace) Class A, C, D, E
Dataset 16 – CTR (Controlled Airspace) Class C, D
Dataset 17 – FIA (Flight Information Area)
Dataset 18 – FIR (Flight Information Region)
There is no Dataset 19
Dataset 20 –ATC Sectors – High/Low or Low
Dataset 21 – ARFOR (Area Forecast Boundaries)
Dataset 22 – HFA (High Frequency Area)
Dataset 23 – EFREQ (E Airspace Frequency Boundary)
There is no Dataset 24, 26, 27, 28 or 29

Example of File Name Format – Dataset14_PRD_run<date>_eff<date>.csv
Bi-annually $1,780.00
Product Group C Shape Files

The ESRI Shapefile (or simply a shapefile) is a popular geospatial vector data format for geographic information systems software.
Dataset 30 – PRD airspace boundaries (may also include other airspace types such as CTA, CTR, FIA etc)

Example of File Name Format – Dataset30_<filename>_run<date>_eff<date>
Bi-annually $5,400.00
Product Group D World Aeronautical Charts (WAC) - all

All individual charts in geo-tiff and PDF format

Every two to four years $4,460.00
Product Group E VFR/IFR Charts - all

All charts in geo.tiff format only

Bi-annually $4,460.00
Product Group F En-Route Supplement Australia (ERSA)

PDF format only available

Quarterly $1,780.00
Product Group G Designated Airspace Handbook (DAH)

PDF format only available

Bi-annually $1,780.00
Product Group H Aeronautical Information Publication Australia (AIP)

PDF format only available

Quarterly $1,780.00
Product Group I Departure & Approach Procedures (DAPE & W)

PDF format only available

Quarterly $2,690.00