Aeronautical Information Package


All dates local (Canberra, Australia)
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2018 AIC

H44/18 Implementation of GLS Approaches to Runway 34 at Melbourne 15OCT2018 08NOV2018
H43/18 GLS Approaches at Sydney and Melbourne 10OCT2018 08NOV2018
H42/18 Changes to SIGMET Sequence Number 09OCT2018 08NOV2018
H40/18 Marker Beacon Decommissioning 02OCT2018 03OCT2018
H39/18 Gold Coast Airport - Project LIFT-JUHI Completion of Works - Fuel Hydrant Realignment and RPT Parking Bay Changes 03OCT2018 20NOV2018
H35/18 On-board Medical Emergency 24SEP2018 08NOV2018
H34/18 SPECI Alerting 24SEP2018 08NOV2018
H33/18 Invictus Games, Sydney, New South Wales, 18-28 October 2018, Airspace Restrictions for Remotely Piloted Aircraft 13SEP2018 18OCT2018
H32/18 Use of Operational Requirement and Request 05SEP2018 05SEP2018
H31/18 Perth Airport Runway and Taxiway Closures for Pavement Maintenance Works 04SEP2018 01NOV2018
H30/18 Sunshine Coast (YBSU) Expansion Project - Changes to RPT Apron 12OCT2018 06DEC2018
H27/18 Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport - Taxiway T6 Pavement Strengthening 09AUG2018 01SEP2018
H23/18 Brisbane Airport Surface Movement Control Radio Frequency Split into Two 06JUL2018 06JUL2018
H22/18 Brisbane Airport - Construction Works Between TWY A and TWY B 29JUN2018 01JUL2018
H21/18 Perth Airport - Airside Surface Monitoring for Forrestfield Airport Link Tunnelling 29JUN2018 02JUL2018
H19/18 Brisbane Airport (YBBN) Rename of Existing Main Runway 01JUN2018 28JUN2018
H14/18 High Intensity Military Flying Training Operations Tamworth Area Flight Safety 07MAY2018 07MAY2018
H13/18 Changes to AIP Aeronautical Charts - Effective 24 May 2018 26APR2018 24MAY2018
H05/18 Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) in Australia 01FEB2018 01FEB2018
H03/18 Aerodrome Naming Convention 09JAN2018 09JAN2018

All dates local (Canberra, Australia)
Document Number Title Published Date Effective Date

2018 SUP

H122/18 Vodafone Gold Coast 600 V8 Supercar Event 18-21 October 2018 18OCT2018 18OCT2018
H121/18 Military Exercise 'High Sierra 18-2' Townsville, 26 Nov-11 Dec 2018 17OCT2018 26NOV2018
H119/18 Newcastle V8 Supercar Event, 19-25 November 2018 17OCT2018 19NOV2018
H118/18 Dolphin Platform (YUPA) New RNP APCH Procedures 17OCT2018 08NOV2018
H117/18 Barracouta Platform (YUTA) New RNP APCH Procedures 17OCT2018 08NOV2018
H116/18 Busselton Instrument Approach Procedures 12OCT2018 06DEC2018
H111/18 Albany RNAV-Z (GNSS) RWY 14 10OCT2018 08NOV2018
H105/18 Bankstown Airport (YSBK) S64 Air Crane Rotary Operations 21SEP2018 25SEP2018
H101/18 Woodie Woodie (YWWI) New RNP APCH Procedures 12SEP2018 08NOV2018
H100/18 Amendments to Designated Airspace Handbook (DAH) and En Route Supplement Australia (ERSA) Effective 08 November 2018 12SEP2018 08NOV2018
H99/18 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, Townsville, 2-20 November 2018 13SEP2018 02NOV2018
H94/18 Perch Platform (YUPE) New RNP APCH Procedures 06SEP2018 08NOV2018
H92/18 Canberra Airport (YSCB) Lighting Upgrade and Stop Bar Installation Runway 17/35 and Runway 12/30 31AUG2018 31AUG2018
H91/18 Carrapateena (YCPT) ERSA and RDS Entry 30AUG2018 13SEP2018
H90/18 Air Traffic Management Ground Delay Program Change for Brisbane Airport 22AUG2018 31AUG2018
H89/18 Carrapateena (YCPT) New Procedures 21AUG2018 13SEP2018
H88/18 Melbourne (YMML) B747-800 Approved Taxiing Route 20AUG2018 20AUG2018
H80/18 Contingency Route Flight Planning - Requirements 14AUG2018 14AUG2018
H77/18 Townsville Traffic Management Plan Trial Extension – August 2018 10JUL2018 16AUG2018
H75/18 ATS Route Structure Via AVNEX and OTLED 05JUL2018 16AUG2018
H72/18 Special Procedure: Great Barrier Reef - Cairns Scenic Flights 29JUN2018 16AUG2018
H69/18 Amendments to Designated Airspace Handbook (DAH) Effective 24 May 2018 and En Route Supplement Australia (ERSA) Effective 16 August 2018 20JUN2018 16AUG2018
H67/18 Williamtown New RNAV-Y (GNSS) Runway 12 Procedure 19JUN2018 19JUL2018
H66/18 Brisbane ILS or LOC RWY 01/19 Introduction of RVR Minima 13JUN2018 19JUL2018
H65/18 Melbourne (YMML) MOWP 2018-3: Taxiway Bravo Pavement Replacement Project 07JUN2018 01JUL2018
H62/18 Canberra Runway 35 ILS CAT II and SA CAT II Minima 30MAY2018 19JUL2018
H60/18 Mobile Platform Baldfish-1 (YUBF) New RNP APCH Procedures 24MAY2018 21JUN2018
H59/18 Mobile Platform Hairtail-1 (YUHT) New RNP APCH Procedures 24MAY2018 21JUN2018
H58/18 Townsville Traffic Management Plan Air Route Amendments 24MAY2018 16AUG2018
H57/18 Gold Coast Airport - Project LIFT-JUHI Stage 2 (Operational Layout Charlie) - Fuel Hydrant Realignment and RPT Parking Bay Changes 22MAY2018 22MAY2018
H54/18 Air Traffic Flow Management, Ground Delay Program, Perth Airport Change 04JUN2018 17JUN2018
H53/18 Military Exercise 'Wallaby 2018' Shoalwater Bay Training Area (SWBTA) 19 September - 17 November 2018 16MAY2018 19SEP2018
H47/18 Brisbane West Wellcamp (YBWW) New Procedures 30APR2018 21JUN2018
H44/18 Differences from ICAO Standards, Recommended Practices and Procedures 08MAY2018 24MAY2018
H37/18 VFR Waypoint Underlining Issue Identified on VNC/VTC Charts 05APR2018 05APR2018

All dates local (Canberra, Australia)
Document Number Title Published Date Effective Date

2017 AIC

H42/17 Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Runway 16R/34L Resheet (Northern End) 19DEC2017 15JAN2018
H39/17 Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport Runway 07/25 Closure, Limited Operations to Facilitate Road Upgrade Rejuvenation Project 06DEC2017 06DEC2017
H35/17 Sunshine Coast Airport (YBSU) Runway 13/31 Construction 27OCT2017 01DEC2017
H33/17 Brisbane Airport Runway 01/19 Heavy Maintenance Works 23OCT2017 24MAR2018
H30/17 Aircraft Wake Turbulence 20OCT2017 20OCT2017
H21/17 Implementation of ICAO Standard Instrument Departure (SID) and Standard Instrument Arrival (STAR) Procedure 04AUG2017 04AUG2017
H05/17 Brisbane Airport New Parallel Runway Phase 2 Overview 07FEB2017 09FEB2017

2017 SUP

H137/17 Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport - Runway 16R/34L Concrete Block Replacement 01SEP2017 01SEP2017

All dates local (Canberra, Australia)
Document Number Title Published Date Effective Date

2016 AIC

H28/16 APV & LNAV Approach Procedures 07DEC2016 09DEC2016
H18/16 WAC Manuscript Amendments - Aeronautical Information Effective 26/06/2016 24JUN2016 24JUN2016
H02/16 Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport - Airside Perimeter Road Upgrade 18DEC2015 07JAN2016

2014 AIC

H27/14 Required Navigation Performance Authorisation Required (RNP-AR) New ATC Procedures, Australia 08SEP2014 09SEP2014
H26/14 Classification of Instrument Approach Operations 08SEP2014 13NOV2014
H15/14 Classification of Instrument Landing Systems 30JUN2014 30JUN2014
H14/14 Potential Safety Issue When Above Normal Glidepath on ILS Approaches 28MAY2014 29MAY2014


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