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2010 Terminal Navigation Services Pricing Review

The first priority of the Australian Government for aviation is the safety and security of the travelling public. An integral part of the Australian air traffic system is the provision of terminal navigation services at capital city, regional and general aviation aerodromes around Australia. The Australian Government announced in its December 2009 National Aviation Policy White Paper that Airservices would review its Terminal Navigation (TN) pricing in the first quarter of 2010 with a view to establishing a framework that facilitates the enhancement of air traffic services around Australia. This was, in part, prompted by the anticipated introduction of new TN services that are likely to be introduced at a variety of locations in the near term and the upgrading of services at other locations. In undertaking this review, the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government requested Airservices to consider the impact of alternative pricing options on the introduction of new or enhanced air traffic control services, including at major regional airports, and to employ a wide ranging examination including, but not restricted to, pricing models where:

  • new terminal navigation charges at a location are phased-in over a period of time;
  • charges are levied on the basis of the same type of airport operation; and
  • charges are levied at the same level as nearby competing airports.

Accordingly, the Terminal Navigation Services Pricing Review Discussion Paper has been developed to promote further discussion on the structure of charging methodologies for TN services. The paper has regard to the 2008 Pricing Structure Options Discussion Paper which was released in August 2008.

Industry Responses to the Review