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Jandakot Airport – Changes to arrival and departure procedures

Airservices implemented these changes in October 2019.

5 July 2019

When will this change occur?

Airservices will implement changes to arrival and departure procedures for aircraft using Jandakot Airport’s cross runway (Runway 12/30) from September 2019.

Why are the changes necessary?

Jandakot Airport is extending Runway 12/30 by 510 metres to the south-east.

These procedure changes are required to accommodate the runway extension and are consistent with information provided in the Major Development Plan (MDP) which was developed by Jandakot Airport (JAH) and consulted on with the community from December 2015 to March 2016.

This MDP was approved by the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport in June 2016.

 What is going to change?

Jandakot Airport is mainly used for training purposes and 95% of aircraft operate under visual flight rules (VFR). The remaining 5% operate under instrument flight rules (IFR).

As a result of the extension there will be several minor changes to approach and departure procedures for both VFR and IFR aircraft using Runway 30 (to the north-west).

These changes will result in noticeable visual changes to where some aircraft fly. Some of the changes will also result in small increases in noise; however as these changes are under 3 decibels (dB(A)) they are not considered to be noticeable to human hearing and residents are unlikely to notice this increase.

For more information on the changes please see the Changes to arrival and departure procedures at Jandakot Airport Fact Sheet under Resources.

There will be no changes to approach and departure procedures for Runway 12 (to the south-east).

The overall number or type of aircraft will not change as a result of the procedure changes outlined above. However, the extension will accommodate larger aircraft (e.g. Beechcraft Kingair B200) and as a result there will be a change in the type and number of aircraft using Runway 12/30, which may be noticeable to communities surrounding the airport.

Further detail about predicted movement numbers and aircraft types can be found in the Jandakot Airport Major Development Plan – Extension of Runway 12/30 and Taxiway System webpage.

It is expected that the Runway 30 circuit area will shift slightly (by up to 510m) to the southeast as a result of the Runway 12/30 runway extension. Other runway circuit patterns will not be affected.

Jandakot Airport has a Fly Neighbourly Policy to reduce the effect of aircraft noise on surrounding communities.

The Fly Neighbourly Policy is not expected to change as a result of the changes.


Changes to arrival and departure procedures at Jandakot Airport Fact Sheet (July 2019)