From a chief auditor to an air traffic controller: what gender equality means to them

A range of talented and high-achieving women working in various roles across Airservices Australia have shared their thoughts about gender equality to inspire and encourage others to pursue careers in aviation—an industry not always seen as an obvious career path for women.

The diverse opinions of several female Airservices staff members – highlighted in this year’s International Women’s Day – include an air traffic controller, location master planner, chief auditor and a safety performance analyst.

Growing in prominence each year, International Women’s Day on 8 March, recognises the need to build a gender-balanced world. It also acknowledges the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women in the workplace.

Diversity of our people is important and we celebrate the specific contribution and successes of women in our organisation. Gender equality and inclusion is not simply an issue for women, it is our collective responsibility as we all benefit.

While competing priorities in a traditionally male dominated industry, 13 talented women across Airservices have shared their views on gender equality and the opportunity to unite, network and mobilise for meaningful change.

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Finance Operations and Analysis Manager

"Gender equality is important in the workplace because studies have demonstrated  that it improves an organisation's financial performance."

Executive General Manager Safety and Assurance

"Many positives can come from challenging gender norms in the workplace."

Safety Performance Analysis Manager

"Gender equality is important in the workplace because it is a powerful investment to foster diverse ideas."

Strategy Alignment Manager

"It is important to stand up for yourself and be counted and do not be afraid to discuss your needs. A workplace needs to be flexible to attract the right people."

Business Analyst

"Everybody should be given an opportunity to achieve their potential in the career of their choice. It should not be about gender."

Commercial Advisor

"I believe that if there is more gender equality in the workplace, it will lead to a better culture, improve the talent pool and overall success of an organisation."

Chief Auditor

"Bringing into an organisation both feminine and masculine attributes means the way an organisation functions is more balanced, rather than being skewed."

Safety Performance Analyst

"Advocating for gender equality is an important step towards changing the way the aviation industry operates for the better and building a more progressive future for all women."

Talent and Leadership Specialist

"Both genders bring a different set of qualities which are equally important to make the workplace happy and efficient."

Procurement and Contract Management Manager

"Be proud of what makes you different. As a woman you will bring new ways of thinking and a different way to approaching situations which is probably why you are there."

Acting Service Design and Alignment Manager

"Having a well-balanced workforce creates a diverse workplace with varied skills, experiences and ways of working. It brings benefits to staff, business and society including improved staff engagement, better work life balance (for both genders) and innovation."

Service Manager | Air Traffic Controller

"Gender equality in the workplace brings diversity of though, a broader perspective and often balance to the work environment."

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ATM Information Specialist

"Women present different strengths and provide different perspectives which can be used in the workplace to deliver our service in a way that is contemporary and applicable to modern society."

We are committed to attracting, recruiting and developing women in our workforce. Executive General Manager, ARFFS

Watch this video to hear what our Executive General Manager for Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting has to say.