Airservices is Australia's air navigation service provider - we provide air traffic control, aviation rescue and fire fighting and air navigation services.


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I am a Leading Firefighter, and have been working for the Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Service (ARFFS) since September 2012.

The best part about working in the ARFFS is the people—the people I get to work with on my crew, and the people we get to assist on a daily basis.

I’ve always loved a team environment and there is nothing more rewarding than helping others with the crew you work alongside week in week out. Whether we are turning out to a car or building fire, an aircraft incident or a CPR job, it is nice to know that we can really trust each other.

My biggest achievement to date was the delivery of a baby at the Sydney Airport international terminal. Having four healthy children myself, the realisation that life is so precious and having to perform CPR on a newborn was something I would never have anticipated in this job…ever!

So, to hear the baby had a heart beat after our Station Officer continued CPR for up to 30 minutes was the best feeling in the world. Better yet, getting to meet the now 13 month old little one who is happy, healthy and was crawling through our station on a visit was truly memorable and one never to be forgotten.

To prospective new recruits, my advice is to apply again and again and again until you get in, as this is the most rewarding job, introduces you to a new family to work with, and is by far the best job in the world!


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After being with the airlines for ten years and often watching the fire fighting vehicles out in the airfield, it inspired me to make my career move—being an aviation fire fighter is like no other job I’ve done before.

The camaraderie, flexible working hours, opportunities to learn on the job and the sense of helping people, all make working as an aviation fire fighter unique.


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I am a Navigation and Surveillance Engineering Specialist with Air Navigation Services (ANS).

I joined Airservices in July 2012 as a graduate. After finishing the graduate program I joined the Navigation and Surveillance Team working on both technical work and systems engineering.

As an aeronautical engineer I was lucky enough to follow a career path in Aviation. Airservices offered me an opportunity to put my engineering skills to good use in the support of Civil Aviation services in Australia. I liked the diversity of the graduate program and this has spanned into the large range of systems and services that I am exposed to in my everyday role including ADS-B, Air Traffic Management Systems, Navigation Aids and Meteorological systems. Working on projects that have visible outcomes in the operational environment continues to make the job interesting and worthwhile. Not every job allows you to see the benefits of your hard work in action like mine does.


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I work as a Reliability Engineer at Airservices.

I commenced with Airservices as a Graduate Engineer. The graduate program allowed me to explore different areas of the business and to gain a greater appreciation for the full scope of services provided by Airservices. It has helped me to develop a wide range of capabilities and discover areas I enjoy working in.

I have also had the opportunity to work as a Structural Engineer, where I have been working on ensuring that Airservices infrastructure is properly maintained.

My current role as a Reliability Engineer is where I get to work on various interesting initiatives around the business, developing my skills as I work.

A highlight for me has been working on the implementation of RPAS to conduct structural inspections of Airservices’ infrastructure. It has challenged me and helped me develop a wide range of technical and non technical skills.


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I am an Airways Technical Officer working within the Technical Operations Centre (TOC) in Brisbane. My work involves monitoring and maintaining equipment used by Air Traffic Controllers around the country, which forms part of the National Airways System. Our work also includes working with other technical teams from Airservices and across the aviation industry including the Royal Australian Air Force, Bureau of Meteorology and Airlines.

I joined Airservices as a trainee technical officer in the Brisbane Air Traffic Services Centre after pursuing an interest in the technical aspects of Air Traffic Control.  I initially worked in the Air Traffic System Maintenance group, which provides the frontline maintenance, and support services for the airways IT infrastructure in Brisbane Centre. When the Technical Operations Centre was formed in 2009 I moved into my current position and enjoyed being part of the establishment of a new team with a national focus.

Working in the TOC we face many different challenges monitoring equipment based all around the country and no two days are ever the same.  I enjoy being a part of the Australian aviation industry and have learnt that it takes a diverse group of teams across the whole industry to ensure the safety of passengers and flights.


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I work as an Engineering Specialist for the Maintenance & Service Group within Air Navigation Services (ANS). Along with the System Technical Advisor and team, I am responsible for the lifecycle delivery of the Advanced Surface Movement Guidance Control System (ASMGCS) and Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) systems. This involves ensuring on-going delivery of surveillance services through managing system changes, fault rectification and performance measurement & improvement.

I joined Airservices as a graduate Telecommunications Engineer. During my time with Airservices I have had the opportunity to work in various areas including Wide Area Networks, IP Networks, Spectrum Management, Surveillance and Project Safety. I also got to work on several interesting projects including the Enroute Radar Replacement Project (ERRP) as communications lead, ADS-B Coverage and Communications Enhancement (ACME) and the Moomba Satellite Ground Station relocation.

It is a privilege to work alongside extremely talented and knowledgeable staff who hail from diverse backgrounds. The diligence and commitment of all involved to the task of delivering a safety critical service has shaped my outlook towards work in general. Airservices presents engineers unique and engaging opportunities to exercise their skills across multiple disciplines. The renewed focus on innovation and customer-centric service delivery promises interesting days ahead.

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I am Paola and I am a Service Desk Operator for the Service Desk Business Team. I joined Airservices last year as a contractor and become a permanent employee in February this year.

I like to work for an organisation that is continually changing and improving its processes and procedures to maximise productivity. When I first joined Airservices within the Information Management & Technology branch it was the beginning of the journey to be more agile and more self-efficient. As we are moving towards self-service and automation, it’s an exciting time to be part of this organisation and I am looking forward to what the future brings.

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I am Syed, I am the Service Desk Shift Lead for Information Management and Technology.

I joined Airservices in 2015 as a contractor. I have a Master Degree in Information Technology and Systems (MITS).  I am a trained General Duty Pilot, GD (P) and my background in Airforce has fascinated me to work for Airservices that is a known brand in Aviation.

I was inspired to work for Airservices as it is the backbone of Aviation Industry in Australia. Soon after I started working here, Airservices announced the accelerate program. This change was driven from the top level so, I felt positive about it and embraced it whole heartedly and accepted a permanent role. People at Airservices are very welcoming and you are treated as a family member. I am always eager to learn more and Airservices has given me this opportunity.

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I am Kris, an Asset Class Lifecycle Manager in the new Asset Lifecycle Planning team in Information Management and Technology (IM&T). As an Asset Class Manager, I am accountable for the delivery of the Asset Class Management Plans for an IM&T managed Asset Class.

I joined Airservices in February 2011 as an Engineering Specialist in the Technology and Asset Services team within the Planning and Integration business group. In June 2012, I became the Technical Authority (TA) for the Tower Technology Services domain which included systems such as INTAS, TSAD and Control Tower Simulators. I was part of the project team that delivered new integrated and automated tower technology solution (INTAS) under the National Towers Program to Broome, Rockhampton, Adelaide and Melbourne towers. Being the first female TA in the organisation was a personal achievement for me and being part of commissioning new tower technology in Broome tower as the TA was a milestone in my career journey. Since then I was also part of the INTAS Tranche-II project which introduced INTAS to Gold Coast, Cairns and Perth towers.

I also had the opportunity to be part of a team that delivered multiple upgrades to INTAS including Safety Logic Alerting improvements, GBAS integration, Airfield Lighting and ILS integration, inclusion of Metron and improvements to Surveillance fusion.

I have always had a fascination with the Aviation industry. After gaining experience across the Defence sector (Radar and AP-P3 Orion) in Adelaide, I had the opportunity to work on Air Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) when I first moved to Melbourne. After nearly ten years of experience in the aviation sector, Airservices was a natural progression for me to further my Air Traffic Management experience. I’ve also been engaged in Airservices diversity initiatives including, “The Future Through Collaboration” (TFTC) program, which is a cross industry Defence mentoring program aimed at improving issues facing diversity in the industry.


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I commenced my career with Airservices in 2010, and have been fortunate enough to undertake roles in the reporting and analyst disciplines across the business. I am currently a part of the Support Services team in Service Integration and Planning, which falls under the Information Management and Data Services (IM&DS) portfolio.

The IM&DS portfolio serves as a collaborative information service provider, and I am working with a brilliant team towards achieving our goal to seamlessly transition towards a new operating model, in alignment with industry best practice. My role is to report on the run and maintain performance of systems and vendors to provide our Management team with a current-state overview of Support Services’ IT performance. My current responsibilities compliment the soft skills I am in the process of developing further as a part of my post-graduate studies. I look forward to embracing the opportunities Airservices creates as the landscape continues to transform.

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I am an Air Traffic Management Information Specialist and On-the-Job Training Instructor (OJTI) within the Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) and Pilot Briefing Office. My work in the Briefing office involves addressing flight plans and sending them to our controllers. In the NOTAM office I work with Aerodrome Reporting officers, Civil Aviation Safety Authority and the military on a daily basis to disseminate information about facility outages or airspace restrictions.

I joined Airservices in the Network Coordination Centre (NCC; previously the National Operation Centre) as a traffic management officer, after working in operations for a charter airline. I had been interested in the work Airservices does since studying at university. While at Airservices I’ve learnt how the many areas of the aviation industry have to work together to ensure safe flights.

What I have learnt from working within the NCC and with our stakeholders has been extremely valuable to my aviation career and development. My role is very unique and I enjoy learning more about the ways we contribute to aviation and the new ways we are adapting to improve our service.

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I am an ATM (air traffic management) information specialist working within the Network Coordination Centre (NCC) in Canberra.

I joined the Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) Office and have since had the opportunity to be trained in the Pilot Briefing Office, I am currently working in both roles.

What attracted me to Airservices Australia was their involvement in all aspects of the aviation industry. In my current role I interact regularly with pilots, airlines, and airports across Australia; while working closely with government departments such as Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and other NOTAM Offices internationally.

Working in the NCC also gives me the opportunity to interact with many of the other departments within Airservices including the procedures designers, aeronautical information specialists and air traffic controllers. Having studied air traffic management systems at university, it has been a great experience to apply this knowledge in the real world.

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I am currently employed as a network operations duty line manager in the Network Coordination Centre (NCC). We are responsible for coordinating service provisions between airlines and air traffic control. This communication ensures the smooth running of the Australian network with a prime focus on safety awareness. The NCC is also responsible for issuing safety information via Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) and provides a platform for issuing flight plans Australia wide.

I joined Airservices as a traffic management officer in Canberra. After my initial six week training, I was advised that there was an opportunity to move to Brisbane to join the Flight Information Officer Team. This was an excellent opportunity to learn the link between air traffic control and service provisions around the country.

As the sole air traffic control provider in Australia, Airservices provides a great platform for learning the ins and outs of the Australian aviation industry. Airservices has given me the opportunity to travel both domestically and internationally for improving my overall portfolio. The ability to move within the company is also very accessible, many of my colleagues have moved into different areas of the business that they were interested in learning more about. For me, I enjoy coming to work knowing that no two days are going to be the same.