ARFF_firstaidCareer progression and salary advancement

Aviation rescue fire fighting is a long term career, one that brings enormous job satisfaction and job security. You will be encouraged to continue your studies to facilitate your career development. In return, we provide access to many benefits such as training bonuses.

Flexible rosters

One of the benefits of being an aviation fire fighter is the flexibility of rosters, because it can offer you great work/life balance and allow you to spend quality time with your family and friends.

The shifts you work will vary depending on your location. Locations such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Cairns, Perth, Townsville and Darwin stations currently operate on what is referred to as a 10/14 roster. This is because these stations are operational 24 hours a day.

The 10/14 roster is composed of:

  • two 10 hour days (8am – 6pm)
  • two 14 hour nights (6pm – 8am)
  • four days off.

This is a rotating roster of eight days so that all employees are given equal access to weekends and public holidays.

Shifts at other stations may vary, but as they are not operational 24 hours a day, staff are only required when there are aircraft movements.

A typical roster may look like:

  • two days of 16 hours (6am – 10pm)
  • four days off.

This is also a rotating roster providing equal access to weekends and public holidays.

There are down times during your shifts for which we provide recreation activities, gym access, full kitchens to prepare meals, shower amenities and, in most locations, sleeping quarters.

All rosters are subject to regular review and may change to meet operational and business requirements at the time, in accordance with Airservices policies and enterprise agreements.

Employee Assistance Program

Australia’s aviation safety record is excellent, however there are times you may be required to respond to a major aviation incident, structural fire or to provide first aid. To support you after such an event, Airservices has a range of support services in place. This includes access to our employee assistance provider offering free counselling to you, your spouse and your dependents, anytime and for any situation, either work-related or personal.

ARFF_fireWork across Australia

With 27 locations around Australia, Airservices offers a unique opportunity to take your career with you and experience new regional, coastal or major metropolitan locations.

In support of individual needs, after your first five years of service at your home station, you are eligible to express interest in an Own Time Own Expense permanent transfer to a station where there is an operational requirement for new staff.

There are also employees who fly-in, fly-out to Ayers Rock and Newman.

Employment conditions

More information about opportunities for career progression through the rank structure, salary, employment conditions, benefits and entitlements on offer can be found in the Aviation Rescue and Fire Fighting Enterprise Agreement