Airservices releases Trax Interim Report

Aerial photograph of Brisbane airport runways at dusk

Airservices Australia has today released the ‘Brisbane New Parallel Runway Flight Paths Post Implementation Review (PIR) Independent Assurance Interim Report’ completed by Trax International (Trax).

Trax was appointed by Airservices Chief Executive Officer, Jason Harfield, to independently review and make improvement recommendations across all aspects of the Brisbane PIR, with a particular focus on opportunities to limit and, where possible, reduce impacts of aircraft noise.

Trax has completed the first phase of their review, identifying a range of potential short, medium, and long-term improvement opportunities across five key areas:

  • Maximising flights over the bay
  • Reducing noise impacts when overflying populations
  • Optimising noise sharing arrangements
  • Supporting sustainable growth in the airport’s operations
  • Enhancing engagement, coordination, and governance processes

Airservices has prepared an Implementation Approach to consider the improvement opportunities identified in the Trax Interim Report, including opportunities that can be readily progressed and others that will require more detailed analysis and consultation with stakeholders.

Opportunities which Airservices can progress immediately include extending Simultaneous Opposite Direction Parallel Runway Operations (SODPROPS) from 8pm (currently available from 10pm) when weather conditions allow; trialling a steeper approach to allow aircraft to remain higher for longer before arriving at the airport; and trialling a steeper departure to allow aircraft to climb faster to reach higher altitudes after take-off.

Commenting on the Interim Report, Airservices Chief Executive Officer, Jason Harfield said:

“Airservices is committed to considering all opportunities for improved noise outcomes for the Brisbane community and to progressing those options that are assessed as safe and feasible in consultation with community and industry.”

Trax is expected to publish their Final Report in June 2022. Airservices has invited Trax to present the findings of their Final Report and discuss potential improvement opportunities at community workshops due to be held mid this year.

Further information regarding the Brisbane Airport Flight Path Changes PIR is available at Airservices Engage website.

Response from the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development regarding the Trax International Interim Report.

Posted on: April 1, 2022

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