Long Range Air Traffic Flow Management (LR-ATFM) is a new initiative to enhance demand and capacity management by integrating international flights into Airservices air traffic flow management system.

It works by shifting some or all airborne delay for international flights from the arrival to the enroute phase resulting in reduced fuel burn and emissions, improved predictability into our major airports and more equitable distribution of delay across the network.

LR-ATFM is one of a suite of Airservices Australia initiatives, like OneSKY and Airport Collaborative Decision Making, designed to build a predictable, high performing and resilient air traffic flow management network to support current and anticipated growth in demand and complexity.

Metron Aviation has been awarded the contract to develop and implement LR-ATFM functionality into their ‘Harmony for ASNPs’ software which Airservices currently uses to manage Ground Delay Programs (GDPs) for domestic flights into Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Work has commenced on the implementation of this world first project with go-live scheduled for late 2020. A wide range of domestic and international stakeholders have been consulted in the development of this concept. Further information about specific changes and impacts will be communicated over the coming months.

For further information on LR-ATFM, email the project team