About the program

Airservices has developed the Airspace Modernisation Program to deliver a series of enhancements to Australian airspace over the coming years. The program will improve service outcomes for the aviation industry through national standardisation and leverage the benefits of increased surveillance coverage, while ensuring the safety of air navigation remains our most important consideration.

Upcoming proposals/changes


Previous changes

Industry Consultation

Airservices will engage industry (including airlines, airports and the broader industry) to consult and inform of upcoming proposals and changes.

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Class C Terminal Service Upgrade at Tasmania

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) undertook an Airspace Review of Hobart in December 2019, which recommended that Airservices submit an airspace change proposal for the introduction of a Class C tower service supported by Class C terminal airspace within 12 months of publication of the report.

This work was to be undertaken as part of Airservices Airspace Modernisation Program and while preliminary scoping work has been undertaken, the impact of COVID-19 on aircraft operations across Australia has resulted in a delay to the implementation of this program.