Airservices is Australia's air navigation service provider - we provide air traffic control, aviation rescue and fire fighting and air navigation services.

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Strategic enablers and enterprise initiatives


Our delivery of safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services to the aviation industry is dependent on our key capabilities. To ensure we are able to deliver our services now and into the future, we will continue to focus on agile, efficient and sustainable ways of working which enable investment and successful delivery of new and improved capabilities.

Our challenge over the next 20 years and beyond will be addressing the network-wide increase in demand for information-based air navigation services. In addition, the OneSKY Program (OneSKY) is expected to deliver a generational step-change in Australian air navigation capability, requiring a holistic transformation of our organisation, people, systems, processes and services.

The purpose of this strategic enabler is to ensure we meet these challenges head-on and create an agile and sustainable organisation over the long term. Through the Airservices Workforce Strategy 2015–2035 we will continue to ensure that we have the people capability to deliver on our primary role and create value for our customers. The strategy articulates the required attributes and characteristics of our future workforce and allows us to plan purposefully for the future.

The enterprise initiative of OneSKY is a critical enabler for the transformation of national ATM and we are working with Defence to deliver a harmonised civil and military air traffic management system (CMATS). The progression of OneSKY and its key dependent projects will remain a focal point for 2017–18 and beyond.

3.1 OneSKY

Enterprise Initiative

The delivery of OneSKY remains a critical priority, as it underpins our future harmonised Australian air traffic management services and systems. Delivering the new CMATS and supporting capability, in 2017–18 the OneSKY Program will focus on detailed planning for the new system and ensuring business readiness for its implementation.

This year will see the delivery of the first benefits, with the introduction of the new Voice Communication System, and commencement of major infrastructure works ahead of the implementation of CMATS at our major air traffic centres. Additionally, and importantly, the plan for the installation of CMATS in the Sydney basin will be finalised.

Deliverables 2017–18


Performance measurement and assessment

This initiative will contribute to the performance outcomes of ‘safe and secure’ and ‘efficient and commercial’ and measured against the relevant Airservices key performance indicators to ensure business readiness for the delivery of a harmonised CMATS.

The success of this initiative will be measured on the completion of the above deliverables against agreed schedule and budget milestones.


3.2 People

Enterprise Initiative

Our people play a pivotal role in our drive for safety, value, efficiency and innovation. Over 2016–17 we successfully transitioned to a new, simpler operating model based on customer needs, with less bureaucracy and more accountability. Our focus is now on sustaining and improving our organisational performance. Our strategic workforce planning process will provide a mechanism for continually evaluating the alignment of our operating model with business strategy, and identifying and mitigating any future state capability gaps. Our Enterprise Workforce Plan will ensure that we invest in our current and future workforce capability to ensure we have the right people with the right skills to deliver on our service objectives. We will source our talent through efficient processes that are aligned to business outcomes. We will also continue to embed a leadership culture where we are held to account for delivering on our objectives and optimising employee performance.

Deliverables 2017–18


Performance measurement and assessment

This initiative will contribute to the performance outcomes of being ‘innovative’ and ‘valued and accountable’ supporting our leaders with fit-for-purpose and transparent people systems and processes that drive accountability and will also assist in the identification and development of leadership talent.

The success of this initiative will be measured on the completion of the above deliverables in a timely manner and its contribution to the outlined performance outcomes and against the relevant Airservices key performance indicators.