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ATM network performance: Sydney

Airborne delay

The 75th percentile performance figures for airborne delay at Sydney are indicated in Figure 5. November performance for the median (0.7 minutes) and the 75th percentile (3.6 minutes) did not meet the targets. Compared to the same month last year, there was an increase in the airborne delay median performance (from 0.4 minutes) and 75th percentile performance (from 2.9 minutes).

The long‑term (48-month) trend for airborne delay at Sydney is upwards. However, the 24‑month trend is flat.

Figure 5: Sydney airborne delay 75th percentile (last 24 months)

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Notable events

Day Local Time Delay

(minutes – 75th percentile)

Event Descriptions

(Contributing causes to increased delays)

02 November 20-21 4.6 Concentration of demand due to late non-compliant departures and flights that experienced departure delays in Melbourne. Coincided with a low capacity period for anticipated thunderstorms.
07 November 18-19 3.6 Concentration of demand due to late non-complaint flights and compliant flights with longer than anticipated flight times.
15 November 17-21 13.6 Reduced capacity in evening due to thunderstorms. Level 2 GDP Revision with rates reduced.
22 November 11-13 &


12.3 Reduced capacity in late morning and early afternoon due to dust and thunderstorms. Level 2 GDP Revision with rates reduced.

Reduced capacity in early evening due to strong winds that resulted in numerous missed approaches. Level 2 GDP Revision with rates reduced until the late evening.

23 November 09-15 19.9 Concentrated demand due to single runway operations commencing earlier than anticipated. Level 2 GDP Revision to realign slots, with rates reduced to account for single runway operations until the end of the day.
28 November 06-19 16.3 Thunderstorms in the morning resulted in no arrivals for 23 minutes. Level 3 GDP Revision (Ground Stop) undertaken. Ground congestion developed during recovery including aircraft parked on runway 07/25. A change in wind direction necessitated use of this runway and a second Level 3 GDP Revision (Ground Stop) was undertaken. Delays reduced in the late evening with clearing weather.