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ATM network performance: Sydney

ATM Network Performance: Sydney

Airborne delay

The 75th percentile performance figures for airborne delay at Sydney are indicated in Figure 8. May performance for the median (0.2 minutes) and the 75th percentile (2.9 minutes) met the targets. Compared to the same month last year, there was a decrease in the airborne delay performance for the 75th percentile (from 3.3 minutes) and no change to the median.

The long‑term (48-month) and 24-month trends for airborne delay at Sydney are upwards.


Figure 8: Sydney airborne delay 75th percentile (last 24 months)

Notable events

Table 2 describes the notable airborne delay and other events during May in Sydney.

Day Local Time Delay

(minutes – 75th percentile)

Event Descriptions

(Contributing causes to increased delays)

8 May 11-12 6.4 Reduced capacity due to strong winds requiring change to single runway operations. Tactical rates reduced.
21 May 07-09 3.4 Concentration of demand due to off‑schedule internationals during busy morning period.
27 May 17-22 13.3 Reduced capacity due to missed approaches and runway inspections during extended period of single runway operations.

Table 2: Notable event descriptions for Sydney.