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ATM network performance: Perth

Airborne delay

The 75th Percentile performance figures for airborne delay at Perth are indicated in Figure 7. January performance (1.4 minutes) met the target (3.5 minutes) and airborne delay was also lower than same period last year (1.8 minutes). The long-term trend for airborne delay at Perth is downwards.

Figure 7: Perth Airborne Delay 75th Percentile


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Notable events

There was 1 notable delay event for Perth on 15 January during the busy evening arrival period between 1800 – 1900 local that was caused by 6 go-arounds due to wind shear. There were 3 post operational reviews undertaken for Perth to analyse elevated evening delays and departure delays. The key learnings from the 18 January review (Appendix C) includes:

  • The impact of late and early flights (and diverted flights) on fully subscribed programs
  • The impact of the accuracy of pre-tactical flight time estimates in Harmony. This has been included in planning for the next software version of Harmony