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ATM network performance: Brisbane

Airborne delay

The 75th percentile performance figures for airborne delay at Brisbane are indicated in Figure 7. August performance (1.2 minutes median and 4.1 minutes 75th percentile) did not meet the targets.  Compared to the same month last year there was an increase in the median (from 1.1 minutes) the 75th percentile (from 3.9 minutes) of airborne delay.  The long-term trend for airborne delay at Brisbane is downwards. However, the 24-month trend is flat.

Figure 7: Brisbane airborne delay 75th percentile (last 24 months)

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Notable events

The following commentary describes the most significant airborne delay events during August in Brisbane:

22 August (1700-1800 local) – Delay 6.0 minutes

  • Concentration of demand due to off‑schedule international arrivals during a peak period.

24 August (1900-2000 local) – Delay 5.1 minutes

  • Concentration of demand due to late non‑compliant flights during the evening peak period.

30 August (2000-2100 local) – Delay 4.7 minutes

  • Concentration of demand at the beginning of the 2000 local and 2100 local hours. Occurred during a low demand period so the increase in delay only impacted a small number of flights.