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Cairns Smart Tracking

On 22 June 2017 Airservices is updating the Smart Tracking procedures for aircraft landing at Cairns Airport. This is part of a nation-wide program to provide additional aircraft with safety, landing predictability, fuel and emissions benefits. This also provides opportunities to look for ways to improve noise outcomes.

Smart Tracking flight paths have been updated to follow existing flight paths as closely as possible and most changes are over water.

The image below shows that the Smart Tracking flight path from the south west to land at the airport from the south has moved from west of Aloomba (in green) to east of Aloomba (in yellow). Noise levels are expected to be similar to those from existing arriving flights but the community of Aloomba may notice a change in where aircraft are tracking.

The Smart Tracking flight path from the north east to land at the airport from the south keeps aircraft just to the west of Fitzroy Island National Park as shown in the image below. The Fitzroy Island community may notice arriving aircraft west of the Island. This area is currently overflown by departures.

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Runway 33 changes

Above: In green – flight path corridors prior to 22 June 2017 that will be removed
In yellow – new flight path corridors after 22 June 2017
In blue – flight path corridors that will not change

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