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En route Radar Replacement Program

The En route Radar Replacement Program will replace nine ageing en route surveillance radars located around Australia and replace the electrical and mechanical systems at Kalamunda to enhance existing en-route radar surveillance services.

These radars provide coverage for aircraft operating predominately in the high level airspace on the more significant routes. Some of these radars are also located so that they can support the coverage of nearby terminal area radars (TAR) and provide coverage in the terminal area to ensure continuity of operations in the event of service outages.

The project will replace the radar equipment, including the antenna systems, at the following sites by the end of 2016:

  • The Round Mountain,  Coffs Harbour (31 July, 2013) – Completed
  • Brisbane Airport  ( 16 December,  2013) – Completed
  • Mt Bobbara, Canberra (13 May, 2014) – Completed
  • Summertown, Adelaide (December, 2014) – Completed
  • Mt Alma, Rockhampton (Late April, 2015) – Completed
  • Table Top, Townsville (End of July, 2015 ) – Completed
  • Mt Macedon, Melbourne – Completed
  • Hann Tableland, Cairns – Completed
  • Swampy Ridge, Mackay (December, 2016 ) – Underway. A new, taller tower had been built within the existing radar compound to house the new radar. The legacy RASPP radar – operational in parallel – will be decommissioned upon the new tower and radar being commissioned.

During the installation (radar outage) of five of the main radars, a transportable radar was installed to provide coverage for the region. These are for The Round Mountain, Mt Alma, Summertown, Macedon and Hann Tableland.

Kalamunda will have its electrical and mechanical systems replaced to support continued operation till 2016/2017. The actual timing for the decommissioning of the Kalamunda RASPP radar has yet to be decided.

In addition to replacing the equipment, a radar test bed located in Melbourne and software support facility will have been established, to allow Airservices Technical Services and radar engineering to support the installations.

Where appropriate, the buildings, electrical, heating, ventilation, fuel tank reticulation, radome, and air-conditioning systems at each site will be refurbished as well.