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ICAO Flight Planning Amendment 1

Changes to the ICAO Flight Notification Form and flight planning procedures are to be implemented in 2012. All airspace users who file flight plans and the ATM systems that process these flight plans will be affected to some extent by these changes.

These changes are mandated by ICAO Amendment 1 to PANS-ATM Doc 4444.

The purpose of Amendment 1 is to allow automated air traffic management (ATM) systems to capture new aircraft technologies and capabilities associated with Performance Based Navigation (PBN), communication and surveillance.

As legislation and technologies are developed, the revised ICAO flight plan field definitions and indicators will lead to airspace user benefits.

What you need to know

Operators will need to be aware of the new flight planning form, the changes to the descriptors used in the various equipment fields and the requirements to submit certain PBN data to substantiate indicated equipment capabilities. In particular, changes to STS/ entries in Item 18 Other Information will be significant, for example, SARTIME.

Airservices will provide information to stakeholders by issuing AICs, AIP Supplements and through the provision of web-based information. This will include links to relevant documents and information regarding the implementation of Amendment 1.

Flight plans must be filed in the NEW Amendment 1 format from 15th November 2012. Flight plans in the PRESENT format will not be accepted by Australian and most international air traffic management systems after this date. The following documents will assist in preparing for flight planning in the new format:

Note that the planned NAIPS Upgrade (see Pilot Briefing Services NAIPS project) to allow flight plans to be entered in the NEW format is scheduled to occur on 10 November 2012.

The following NOTAMs refer (available via the NAIPS Internet Service):

  • C6666/12
  • C6667/12
  • C6607/12
  • C6657/12

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More information

Inquiries regarding the implementation of Amendment 1 can be addressed to the project team at